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TSA Infusion 700N PRO Flybarless Nitro Helicopter Kit

TSA Infusion 700N PRO Flybarless Nitro Helicopter Kit

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This is the TSA Model Infusion 700N Pro Nitro Helicopter Kit. As a result of TSA's Endless Pursuit of Perfection, the Infusion 700 series pro helicopter kits feature aerospace grade Carbon Fiber and in-house manufactured CNC aluminium parts on their 7-axis turning center that processes and chamfers in one single-step. This results in a precision manufactured machine that performs unlike any other helicopter kit you have ever flown.

The Infusion series also features an innovative swashplate control lever positioning system that enables pilots to precisely adjust the swashplate lever to 90 degree angles. With all of this technology and premium grade materials, it's easy to see that TSA and the Infusion series kits deliver a lightweight, extremely rigid and agile helicopter model.

If you're looking for the best of the best, look no further. TSA's precision manufacturing techniques and years of model helicopter R&D ensures a top quality product that is second to none!


• Servo support bracing increases rigidity and reduces servo loading.
• Innovatively designed elevator control mechanism eliminates the need for an anti rotation guide. This ensures a precise, rigid and smooth operation system.
• 7-axis CNC machine produces a cutting edge high tolerance rotor head system. The 10mm feathering spindle provides rigidity for the most demanding of 3d style flying. Together this leads to a responsive consistent flying model.
• Electronic mounting points are conveniently provided throughout the model. This ensures all installations are neat, with multiple layout configurations provided.
• Dedicated in-flight mixture servo locations are standardized throughout the TSA gas/nitro range. This provides enhanced tuning capabilities which increases power and maximizes engine longevity.
• Frame stiffeners located in high load areas for increased rigidity and robustness.
• Both main and tail gears manufactured from high strength polymer impregnated metal. This ensures a durable and rigid drive line. Common components are used in both the primary and final drive gearboxes, providing a more user friendly approach of simplicity.
• Tail bevel gears are manufactured from polymer impregnated metal along with an all aluminum construction, providing durability and strength in a light weight configuration. For precision and reliability, each tail rotor grip is equipped with a dual radial and thrust bearing.

This is the kit version only, engine and electronics are not included. Photos are for reference purposes only.

Full Length of Fuselage: 1845mm
Full Width of Fuselage: 215mm
Height: 419mm
Flying Weight (approx): 4420g
Main Rotor Diameter: 1580mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 262mm
Engine Class: .90-1.20
Gear Ratio: 8:4:1/8:0:1
Main Gear Ratio: 15T:126T / 120T
Tail Gear Ratio: 113T:25T
In-Flight Mixture Needle: Yes
Full Tank Capacity: 650CC
Material Specification: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum
Tail Rotor Drive: Shaft drive
Swashplate Angle: 120°
Main Blade (not included): 680~710mm
Tail Blade (not included): 90~110mm

Needed to Complete:
7-Channel Transmitter and Receiver
Receiver Battery
On/Off Switch
3 x Cyclic Servos
Throttle Servo
Tail Servo
3-Axis Gyro System
90 Size Helicopter Engine
90 Size Helicopter Muffler
680~710mm Main Blades
90~110mm Tail Blades
10-30% Nitro Helicopter Fuel & Glow Ignitor

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  • TSA Infusion 700N PRO Flybarless Nitro Helicopter Kit
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