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Turnigy AquaStar 240A Water Cooled ESC

Turnigy AquaStar 240A Water Cooled ESC

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The Aquastar 240A HV Water cooled ESC is a high quality ESC designed from the outset for serious boat racing.
It is a microprocessor controlled, high voltage, ultra-low resistance (0.75m?) Opto speed controller for 4 to 12s LiPoly batteries (up to 38 cells NiMH/NiCad) and uses 8 AWG wires (min 8mm connectors required) for maximum operating efficiency.
A unique feature of the Aquastar 240A is the integrated cooling plate between the MOSFET boards. When coupled with the dual cooling inlet/outlets this keeps the ESC cool under the most demanding loads.
This ESC has 8 programming options for flexibility, 300A surge capacity, adjustable switching rate and many more class leading features.
Programing can be done with your transmitter, programming card or optional USB adapter 

• Microprocessor controlled
• Extremely low resistance
• 240A continuous (300A surge)
• Up to 38cells NiMH/NiCad or 4~12 cell LiPoly
• High rate adjustable switching (PWM: 8 KHz, 12 KHz, and 16 KHz)
• Optically coupled - separate battery pack required for radio
• Programmable low voltage cut-off, cut-off type, brake type & start-up
• Programmable timing (Auto recommended)
• Firmware Upgradeable
• Thermal cut-off (100°C)
• Safe arming program ensures motor will not start unintentionally.
• Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio severe interference is experienced for more than 3 seconds.

Constant Current: 240A
Burst Current: 300A
Voltage: 14~51v (4~12S LiPoly/Up to 38 cells NiMH/NiCad)
Wire size: 8AWG
Size: 135mm X 57mm X 23mm
Weight: 220g



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Well I tested this esc with my SAW rigger equipped with a 300A motor on 6S.Temp was ok around 42C so it looks good to me.One thing I did was add a cap bank with three Rubicon caps 35V 1000muf to be on the safe side .No data logging but definetively I don't care as it push my boat to its limit with no isuues.Yes it s the well known Sf 240 so I would buy more units as the price is about 30 bucks lower than in other stores.
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This is indeed the Swordfish 240 version one I believe.. The board and all components are lacquer coated to make it water resistant. Liquid rubber would make it pretty much waterproof and is easy to do as I have treated mine. It handles my Leo 5698 910kv with no problems. Throttle response is not as smooth as some ESC's, but, it gets the job done without a hiccup. I am running mine on 8s with a X450 prop. It is not a bad value at this price. I have not tried to use the data logging feature, so, I do not know if it is capable of this or not. Either way it is not a deal breaker for me. I would buy again.
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Just buy one of those, not tested yet.
this is a rebadged swordfish 240 pro V1, so no on-board data logging as said in the description, this is my regret as I wanted to test this feature.
It's not waterproof, as the swordfish is.
Will let you know how it work after tests.
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