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Turnigy Graphene Professional 5200mAh 3S 15C LiPo Pack w/XT60

Turnigy Graphene Professional 5200mAh 3S 15C LiPo Pack w/XT60


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TURNIGY, the name synonymous with performance, reliability and innovation is excited to release a powerful new battery chemistry in the Turnigy Graphene!

The Graphene Professional series is designed for professional UAV/RPA operators (unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Remotely Piloted Aircraft) and those that demand nothing less than the best.

Graphene batteries are unlike anything you have seen or used before.

Turnigy Graphene packs utilize carbon in the battery structure to form a single layer of graphene just 0.335nm thick, making that type of battery substrate the thinnest known to mankind. The graphene particles form a highly dense compound allowing electrons to flow with less resistance compared to traditional Lipoly battery technologies.

The result is a battery capable of maintaining greater power output whilst remaining much cooler under load. Since heat and resistance are the natural enemy of batteries, Graphene chemistry has significantly reduced these problems and the result is an incredible boost in cycle life and performance.

We have a full range of Graphene Professional battery packs and will be adding new sizes/configurations as they become available. Turnigy Graphene batteries are the new standard for serious professionals who require POWER ON DEMAND.

Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 3S2P / 6 Cell / 11.1V
Discharge: 15C Constant / 30C Burst
Weight: 363g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 107x35x51mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT-60 

Advantages over traditional Lipo batteries.
• Power density: 0.15-0.17kw/kg (5Ah-16Ah)
• Power density: 0.13-0.15kw/kg (1Ah-4.9Ah).
• Stable High pack voltage through duration of use. 
• High discharge rate, giving more power under load.
• Internal impedance can reach as low as 1.2mO compared to that of 3mO of a standard Lipoly.
• Greater thermal control, packs stay much cooler under extreme conditions
• Higher capacity during heavy discharge.
• Maintains higher pack capacity even after hundreds of cycles
• Fast charge capable, up to 15C on some batteries.
• Longer Cycle Life (reportedly in excess of 900 during testing).
• Graphene LiPo Batteries only require a standard Lipo battery charger.


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verified_user Quality
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Excellent accu utilisé en off shore rc !!

Malgré les petits 15c ces accus disposes d'un boost fabuleux ...
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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Bonne batterie au premier abord: Ne chauffe pas du tout par rapport à un accu classique style ZIPPY COMPACT, faible chute de tension pour un appel de courant important.
Ne gonfle pas.
Reste a voir dans la durée, je ne l'ai essayée que deux fois en FPV avec un moteur TGY 3548-6 790KV, hélice 12x12 sur un avion de 2400g environ (I à fond =43A).
Prix encore élevé, mais je verrai dans quelques mois si cela valait le coup (ou le coût !).
Faites part de vos retours aussi SVP.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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No go back to buy more batteries of any kind more to HK unless the selling in Europe apart from paying 28 euros for transportation surprise when I get my turn enciama you pay 30 euros more a robbery to pay 55 euros delivery charges by a battery HK put them in Europe be warned not buy more in china ye shall bring a surprise.
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  • Turnigy Graphene Professional 5200mAh 3S 15C LiPo Pack w/XT60

  • Presentacion especial bateria de Grapheno

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