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Walkera QR X800 FPV GPS QuadCopter, Retracts, DEVO 10, w/out Battery (Mode 2) (Ready to Fly)

Walkera QR X800 FPV GPS QuadCopter, Retracts, DEVO 10, w/out Battery (Mode 2)...


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The all new Walkera QR X800 is a professional level aerial photography GPS quadcopter ideal for carrying action cameras such as the GoPro Hero 3, Walkera iLook, SJ4000 and others. It has retractable landing legs, features a foldable "umbrella" frame design for ultimate portability, boasts 40+ minute flight times and arrives completely assembled.

The X800 frame is constructed almost entirely of beautifully finished 3K carbon fiber and glass fiber. The "umbrella" style folding legs feature excellently designed quick release locking pins and plastic latches to ensure secure locking of the arms when assembled for flying. The retractable landing legs feature aluminum quick release mounts which make installation and removal a breeze.

For more advanced users or as your skills progress, you can connect the X800 to MAVLink compatible software such as Mission Planner or others, allowing access to a whole host of programming options including selectable flight modes, GPS waypoint flying, advanced tuning and so much more! It's even compatible with telemetry radio systems such as our 915MHz/415MHz kits (plug modification required to match Walkera X800 flight controller data port) providing you access to real-time telemetry data such as flight battery voltage, artificial horizon, altitude, GPS position and more!

The highly efficient power system of the X800 provides insane flight times of up to 40 minutes, allowing more than ample time for recording of aerial video and FPV flight. The high performance brushless motors, large 15.5 inch carbon fiber propellers and high speed ESCs work flawlessly together making this a truly professional level camera rig.

If you're interested in getting into large multi-rotor aircraft for aerial video/FPV use without the hassle of building your own, there's simply no better way to do it than the X800!

• Professional level aerial photography GPS quadcopter
• Ideal for use with GoPro Hero 3, Walkera iLook, SJ4000 or other action cameras
• Retractable landing legs
• Foldable "umbrella" frame design for ultimate portability
• Q-2D brushless camera gimbal ready (sold separately)
• Incredible 30~45 minute flight times
• Devo 10 fully programmable radio transmitter included (Mode 2)
• 1.5~2km control range (with DEVO 10 transmitter)
• All new FCS800 Multi-Axis control system (APM based)

Type: 800 size Quadcopter
Main control board: FCS800
Receiver: RX704
Servo: WK-4005
Main rotor dia.: 1200mm
Main rotor length: 400mm
Brushless motor: WK-WS-48-001
Brushless ESC: WK-WST-60A-6
Battery: 6S 22.2V 6000~10000mAh (not included)
Flight time: 30~60mins (depends on loading weight)
Remote control range: 1.5~2km (with Devo 10 transmitter)
Flying weight: 3900g (with 6S 10000mAh 10C Walkera battery - not included)
Dimension: 620x620x460mm
Aluminum case dimension: 530x235x560mm

Walkera QR X800 GPS QuadCopter
DEVO 10 Transmitter (Mode 2 version - left stick throttle)
Carbon fiber propellers
Aluminum carrying case
All necessary connection leads including power for optional Q-2D brushless gimbal

6S 22.2V 6000~10000mAh LiPoly battery
8 x AA battery for radio transmitter
LiPoly battery charger

*Note: The Walkera FCS800 flight controller is based on the open source APM Project from 3D Robotics, the design files per the creative commons license are available under the files tab below.


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Flown well and manage to get 46min with 16000mah without the retract.
Connected to Mission Planner, however somehow it mess up the whole thing soon after.
Loaded back v1.0 firmware but it does not function like it suppose to be before.

Where can I get the original firmware for this unit? I did the original release v 1.0 X800_6-27-14.bin but the parameter set seems to be not matching on this unit. My batt reading only @10.7v fluctuating when it suppose to be 22v n above like previous. I am also unable to be out of 'fail safe' mode.
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  • Walkera QR X800 GPS Quadcopter

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