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Yak 52 Russian Trainer Balsa GP/EP 1540mm (ARF)

Yak 52 Russian Trainer Balsa GP/EP 1540mm (ARF)


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The all-metal Yak-52 is powered by a 268 kW (360 hp) Vedeneyev M14P 9-cylinder radial engine and was a descendent of the Yak-50.

It was designed to serve as a military trainer with the development of the aircraft incorporating a number of features found on the early post-war fighters namely the tandem cockpit layout, tail design, tricycle landing gear, mixed fuselage construction (monocoque with steel tube construction), inner flaps, controls position, access panels on sides of the fuselage, even the location of the radio antenna and overall dimensions of the airplane, strikingly match with the Yakovlev Yak-17 UTI jet fighter trainer.

At 998 kg empty weight, the Yak-52 is responsive and very capable as an aerobatic aircraft. Yet it is also easy to fly and land. It has been used in international aerobatic competition up to the advanced level. It is stressed to +7 and –5 Gs, rolls (to the right) at 180 degrees/second and is capable of every manoeuvre in the Aresti catalog.

The Yak-52, like most Soviet military aircraft, was designed to operate in rugged environments with minimal maintenance. One of its key features, unusual in western aircraft, is its extensive pneumatic system. Engine starting, landing gear, flaps, and wheel brakes are all pneumatically actuated.

This model of the Yak-52 captures the graceful lines and mean look of the full size airplane and the weathered, detailed finish will turn heads where ever you fly. The model has been designed around a .40~46 size 2-stroke or .61~70 4 stroke engines though equally at home with an equivalent size electric motor. It is supplied with fixed landing gear but it is easily converted to retracts, the wheel wells are already installed. It is a sport scale model of the Yak-52TW (Tail wheel) which is great as you can operate it out of rougher landing strips with ease.

The model is of balsa and lite-ply construction and is fully covered in a scale weathered camoflaged finish. Also supplied is a fiberglass cowling, landing gear doors, machine gun detail and hand painted pilot.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Just complete final assembly and install your equipment
• Balsa and lite-ply construction
• Fully covered in authentic weathered camoflage finish
• Fiberglass cowling
• Landing gear doors
• Fixed gear included, retract ready
• Hand painted pilot
• Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
• Extensive hardware package included

Wingspan: 1540mm
Fuselage: 1117mm
All Up Weight: 2.75~3kg

5~6 channel transmitter and receiver
5 standard size servos
.40~46 size 2 stroke or .61~70 size 4 stroke engine or electric equivalent.

Wheels, servo trays, engines mounts, pitot tube, antenna, fuel tank, fiberglass cowling, radiator air scoop, pilot figure, spinner, decals and all hardware.


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I had my maiden with the YAK yesterday and it flies very well. My setup
Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 5045 – 500kv
Hobbywing Skywalker 80A ESC
external 5A Turnigy BEC
Master Airscrew 12x8 Prop with hobbyking alu spinner
Servoless Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount
Hobbyking OLEOS
4 x Corona DS329MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 3.8kg
Important is, that the recommended Corona servos are all too small. They do not fit in the mounting holes (in the wings and the fuselage also) without some modification respectively some additional plywood to make the holes smaller!
I’m flying with 6S 5000mAh, lipo weight is about 785g. The complete setup has a weight of 3,5kg and the plane flies very stable. Landings are also no problem even though the YAK has no flaps.
The thrust is about 3kg so it’s enough power to recover the plane out of a critical situation.
I can recommend this plane. If it’s not in stock, search for the VQ YAK-52, it’s the same model.
Very nice is that there are three additional foil pieces in the three colors of the plane included to repair cuts or other damage on the foil.
Brilliant plane, went together very well, although the landing gear plates were slightly too large so i had to trim them down, but that was expected from an ARF. Also bought the asp46 2 stroke motor and in general very pleased, took a hairdryer for the first start to heat the inner sleeve, but works and runs very well for 40 with an enya 3 glowplug. plane flies very well, has a good aerobatic capability and hobbyking have done a great job on the covering. even included some cover patches which were very handy. well done hobbyking!
I paid just under 100 euro's for thison sale, and at that price it has to be the biggest bargain ever. Superbly finished, excellently built, more or less comprehenisible instructions and a very forgiving nature in your workshop: I am delighted. I added a second pilot (available from HK), cobbled up some generic retracts with aluminum oleo's (the 'prescribed' ones are not available from HK), mounted the cheapest .52 two-stroke (possibly slightly overpowered) that HK had on sale and added a set of lights -and some wooden props. It looks GREAT, costs not too much and as soon as spring hits, will fly like a dream -I hope. If the instructions had been a tad better (e.g. for how to cut and mount the cowl) I would have given 5 stars. For now, I am just delighted, expecting to really wow them at the club!
Als ich die Box geffnet habe wurde die Begeisterung mit jedem aus gepackten Teil groesser. Bis auf einen kleinen Schoenheitsfehler am Hoehenleitwerk. Da ist wohl ein Tropfen Kleber ueber die Folie gelaufen. Ausgerechnet oben so das man es sieht. Mal sehen ob man das entfernen kann. Ansonsten sehr gute Qualitaet. Die bedruckte Folie zeigt viele Details. Hab schon eine Yak9. Wenn die Yak52 auch so gut fliegt, ja dann !
  • Yak 52 Russian Trainer

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