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915MHz Micro Peitsche-Antenne (SMA-RP)

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915MHz Micro Peitsche-Antenne (SMA-RP)

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Micro Peitsche-Antenne (SMA-RP) Antenne für 915-MHz-Band-Anwendungen. Es befindet sich in einem starren Mantel geformt wird, ist die Stabantenne in Größe und kompakt in einem RP-SMA-Stecker beendet.

• Peitsche Stil starren Antenne
• RP-SMA-Stecker
• Ideal für den ISM-Band-Anwendungen

Gewicht: 5.61g
Anschluss: SMA-RP
Länge: 60 mm

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Nov 29, 2015

The ones I received are the SMA connectors as shown in the description. I bought several of these and they seem to work pretty well. I'm using them attached to the quad, and for the ground station radio I'm using a cellular GSM/3G dual-band (868MHZ/915MHZ) whip antenna I picked up on ebay for about US$4. I'm not doing long range FPV or anything so this setup seems to work out pretty well, I could certainly go out a lot further using this antenna and the GSM antenna combo if I needed to.

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