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B36-60-06L Brushless Inrunner 4000kv

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B36-60-06L Brushless Inrunner 4000kv


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B36-60-06L Brushless Inrunner 4000kv

KV: 4000
Max Strom: 100A
Max Leistung: 1300W
Ruhestrom: 6.2A
Widerstand: 0.005Ω
Schaft: Φ5.0mm
Gewicht: 260g
Empfohlene ESC: 120A
Zellenzahl: 2-3SLipo
Bolzenlöcher Abstand: 25 mm
Bolzengewinde: M3.0 * 4
Gold - Anschluss: Φ4.0

  • Kv (rpm / v) 4000.00
  • Max Current (A) 100.00
  • Widerstand ( mh) 5.00
  • Max Spannung (V) 11.00
  • Leistung ( W) 1300.00
  • Welle A ( mm) 5.00
  • Länge B (mm) 60.00
  • Durchmesser C (mm) 36.00
  • Kann Länge D (mm) 59.00
  • Gesamtlänge E ( mm) 76.00

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  • attributeset-10


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chuntz | Verifizierter Käufer

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Customer Rated

Aug 31, 2014

Put it in my Trooper. Not suited for 3s operation. You will end-up frying the ESC. I used 60A and modified 100A ESC but both burned while doing full-speed runs with heavy breaking (80pcnt) at 3s.

Insanely powerful with 2S itself. Get the gearing right and the trooper almost pulls off a wheelie (yes 4x4 trooper) at full throttle with hobbyking X-Car ESC. I modified the 60A to ~100A by changing the mosfets to ones with higher specs and burned the v3.3 MOD fw from hobbywing.

All in all, a decently powerful 2-pole motor for 2S operation. Build quality is on the avg side as the ball bearings are not smooth. mine resonates at mid RPM and there is decent motor vibration compared to high-quality ones.

BTW, be sure to put hardened steel MOD1 pinions if you are using on the trooper.

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