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Durafly ™ Hyperbipe 900mm - Ersatz des Rumpfs

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Durafly ™ Hyperbipe 900mm - Ersatz des Rumpfs

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Durafly Hyperbipe 900mm - Ersatz des Rumpfs

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Sed8ed | Verifizierter Käufer

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May 17, 2014

Purchased this as I totalled the nose of my Bipe when inverted close to the ground! I repaired the old fuse, but there was still some angle on the motor mount I couldn't fix with a few washers to shim it out. It flew, but wasnt "acrobatic" with the thrust angle the way it was. This comes with all required mounting hardware installed, the wooden servo plate, the control rods, the servo adapters for the control rods and the plastic motor mount, also includes the battery hatch door and new strap. The only thing mine didn't have was slots for the flexible rudder hinges on the tail. But these can be made with an exacto knife so not a big deal. All up an easier way to repair than the gluing i did on the nose. got this in two days from the AUS warehouse! Fast. My only dig is the fuse is expensive... It's only expensive to stop people making there own kits, nobody would buy the ARF if you could buy the parts for less!

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