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Durafly ™ Junior 1100mm - Ersatz Fuselage Set

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Durafly ™ Junior 1100mm - Ersatz Fuselage Set

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Durafly® ™ Junior 1100mm - Ersatz Fuselage Set

  • Spannweite (mm) 1100.00
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Ral fRotten | Verifizierter Käufer

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Feb 18, 2016

On special for au $17, It's never going to be cheaper! I ordered mine for a uglystick/junior hybrid, it arrived in perfect condition and looks really good!, I will be fitting an uglystick main wing and tail feathers to this fuse, just for something different, I don't like the plastic motor on the ugly stick nor the huge diheadral in the juniors main wing, so a hybrid is what I need! and they have sorted the shipping out too, I bought the main wing, fuse, tail feathers, and many other little bits for au$35 shipping, so I'm happy :-)

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