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EDGE540-T RTF w / Lipo Brushless System

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EDGE540-T RTF w / Lipo Brushless System

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Die Kunst-Tech-540T Schaummodell als flink und fähig Maschine. Mit einem leistungsstarken bürstenlosen inrunner und Getriebe kann die Edge540T ausführen ziemlich jeden Trick auf dem Buch.
Die Edge540T kommt mit LiPoly Akku, Ladegerät, Ersatzklingen, Servos, Handbuch und Zubehör. Alles, was Sie ist ein Empfänger brauchen!

3 x Micro Servo
High Torque Brushless Outrunner Motor & Getriebe
1300mAh 3S1P Lipo-Pack
Flight Software-CD
Werkzeuge und Zubehör.

Spannweite: 930mm (36.6in)
Länge: 840mm (33.1in)
Gewicht: 580g (19 Unzen)

4-Kanal-Radio (Sender / Empfänger)

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Richard Mrazek | Verifizierter Käufer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Flying OK, but...

Nov 14, 2007

Packed very well. Gear is blocked, repairing was necesary, proppeller was very heavy, front socket for wing was glued awry, right aileron was bent(cca4mm). Gear-box was very noisy. BUT SYSTEM of DOOR for BATTERYs SPACE IS STUPID... During my first flight, in aerobatic figures, accu wrench off this door and leave a plane... I lost it... I was really red-hot... :-(

I makes one good "shoot", nose-dive and hardly directly to ground... Damages was minimally, small damage on front socket for wing, shaft in gearbox was broken... It was finaly impuls for change it for Turnigy 2209 28turn 1050kv brushless engine without gearbox. Now it flying very "smoothly", quietly and quickly... Time with 3S/1500mAh is about 10-11 min.

My result, with small upgrades and updates its perfect and nice airplane, for perfect price. I recomended it...

Alvaro Fernandez Gozalo | Verifizierter Käufer

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Just an idea

Nov 14, 2007

This could be my next step after MPX's Minimag. Any idea for the Motor w/o gear box?

scott woning | Verifizierter Käufer

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australia 540-t rtf

Nov 14, 2007

not a bad model, contruction has been well thoought out, it took me 1 hr from unwrapping the box to setting up trim. one wheel wasnt drilled straight so i had to fix that. flies well, but possibly a little under powered, gear box is noisy, i might replace it with a direct drive outrunner. but all in all a great package for the price! it arrived 6 days after i ordered it. thanks hobby city!

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