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GEP-FX5 FlyFish FPV Drone Racing Frame (Kit)

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GEP-FX5 FlyFish FPV Drone Racing Frame (Kit)


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GEP-RC have looked for a new style of Racing Drone Frame and have come up with the “FlyFish” frame. This frame is based on the shape of a fish and is designed for drag minimization, strength and lightweight. The “flyFish” comes out in a number of different sized frames.

The GEP-FX5 is a 195mm wheelbase “X” frame drone with a super strong 4mm one piece 3K carbon fiber main deck with arms suitable for 5” propellers. The arms are designed with a large fish shape motor mount which gives more support for the motors and keeps them safer in the event of a collision. Another unique feature is the 3D printed (TPU material) flexible body head, fish like, which covers electronic and provides an adjustable camera mount (35-60 degrees). The benefits of this design is that it reduces wind resistance giving more speed. Under the body is a Power Distribution Board that reduces cabling needs and provides a BEC (5V, 12V) for power and an XT60 connector for easy battery connection.

Just connect up your favourite Flight Controller, 20~30A ESCs and 2204~2306 motors powered by 3~4S 1300mAh to get you moving. 

Add your FPV gear and you’ll be racing in no time. The GEP-FX5 “flyFish” is one slippery customer.

• 3K high strength 4mm carbon fiber “X” frame
• Streamlined, 3D printed, fish like, cover to help reduce wind resistance
• Motor positions are widened, like a fish tail, giving increase support
• The frame is strong and light weight (72g, including all fixed parts)
• Adjustable FPV camera angle, 35-60 degrees
• PDB, integrated XT60, BEC (5/12v output)

Wheelbase: 195mm
Weight: 72g (include Aluminum parts)
Size: 188x185mm
Lower Deck: 4mm carbon fiber

1 x FX5 flyFish frame kit
1 x PDB w/BEC, XT60
1 x Battery strap
1 x Build guide

1 x Flight Controller: F3 /Naze32/ CC3D
4 x 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306 Motors
4 x 20A-30A ESCs
4 x 5inch Propeller:s
1 x 3~4S 1300mAh Battery
1 x 5~6 Channel Radio Tx/RX
1 x FPV setup (optional)

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