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Hobbyking ™ C-47 / DC-3 EPA Weiß 1600mm (Kit)

Hobbyking ™ C-47 / DC-3 EPA Weiß 1600mm (Kit)

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essential items and
  • Turnigy L2215J-900 Brushless Motor (200W)

    Turnigy L2215J-900 Brushless Motor (200W)

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Passen Sie dieses Modell airliner Ihrer Träume mit dem Kit-Version des Hobbyking ™ 1600mm Spannweite C-47 / DC-3. Es kommt als völlig geformte Zelle ohne Montage oder abgeschlossen Malerei. Es kommt mit allen von der Hardware, Kunststoffteile, Schaumstoffteile, Holzteile, Propeller und Fahrwerksbeine. Zur Vervollständigung der Kunde das Modell Motoren liefern müssen, Regler, Servos, zieht sich zurück, Batterie und zusätzliche Farbe, Aufkleber, oder Klebstoffe benötigt, um die Endmontage abzuschließen. Dies ist der ultimative Weg, um die C-47 / DC-3 genau so, wie Sie konfigurieren möchten!

die C-47 zu fliegen ist ein Genuss. Große Leitwerke, eine geringe Flächenbelastung, viel Kraft und reichlich Auswaschen alle kombinieren, um ein gutmütig Flugzeug machen. Fly langsam fliegen schnell, sieht das Ding groß aus allen Winkeln bei jeder Geschwindigkeit!

Für die Plug - and - Fly DC-3 Zivilflugzeug - Version Klicken Sie hier.
Für die Plug - and - Fly C-47 Militärversion klicken Sie hier.

• Kit Version - Bare Schaumstoff, Kunststoff und Holzteile, keine Montage
• Geformte EPO Zelle
• Verschrauben Konstruktion, kein Kleber erforderlich
• Große magnetisch gesicherten Batteriedeckel
• Öffnungsseite Beifahrertür und anderen Maßstab Details

Spannweite: 1600mm
Länge: 1103mm
Gewicht: 1700g
Servos: 6x 9g, 2 x 25g
Speed ​​Control: 20A
Motor: 2 x 2215 960kv Kundschafterschulterstücke

6CH Sender und Empfänger
6 x 9g Servo, 2 x 25g Servo
2 x 20 ~ 30amp ESC
2 x 2215 960kv outrunner Motoren
4S 14.8V 3300 ~ 4000mAh LiPo Akku

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Just received mine today, after customs value re-assessment. I am very impressed with the kit. I just have to figure out how to build and paint it now. The instructions assume you bought the complete and painted kit so there is a little figuring out to do. I have not purchased any of the electronics yet and I do not expect to finish the kit for a few months as I have other projects to build, and probably crash, before I get to this one.
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verified_user Quality
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The big box arrived today and I'm impressed with the quality of this kit. The foam is dense and very smooth and the styrene cowlings and other parts are crisp and nicely done. Decent hardware and nice hinges provided. This is a step-up from your basic foamy.

I will be replacing the supplied props with Masters and in response to a question, the supplied adapters are for a 3mm shaft and 8mm prop bore.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the main gear included minus the retract unit. It is not always clear what they mean when they say things are or are not incuded.

These again have a 3mm leg so any 90 degree retract that takes a pin that size should work fine.

Somene has taken a lot of trouble to design this plane.

Don't expect too much from the instruction booklet- it's basic and that's being kind. But if your'e going to take this kit on you'll need to work out a few things out yourself anyway.

Great job Hobbyking!
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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first the recommended retracts to go w/ the kit are not a drop in fit. you first need to put the reverse mounting plates on the retracts and drill the plates to fit the planes mounting system. this means you can delete the stack of spacers. you will also need to put aluminum or brass tubing over the gear wire in order to secure scale struts. Instructions are for the plug and fly so set up is mostly up to you. The airframe is nicely molded and looks good. lots of feed back on the forums about badly balanced props/ hubs. mine run straight and true. no vibration. still waiting to fly, came in at 5 lbs even with a 4250 4 cell lipo. cool project for experienced modelers.. not for beginners.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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I did buy this plane only for spare parts,there are non in the EU warehouse. Only a new wing from HongKong is costing more with shipping cost then this kit version ,when I did buy this plane it was only 95 euro,all good quality parts .

Even the fuselage is in two half you have to glue them together what goose easy,only to bad there are no decals with it ,these cost almost nothing only shipping from HongKong is making them if they were made from Gold