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Hobbyking ™ Edge 540 Aerobat Balsa 914mm (ARF)

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Hobbyking ™ Edge 540 Aerobat Balsa 914mm (ARF)

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Der Edge 540 ist seit Jahren eine der tragenden Säulen der vollen Skala Kunstflug Gemeinschaft. Hobbyking ™ bringt Sie diesen Spaß, Modell kleine Sport, der diesen berühmten aerobat getreu nachbildet. Die alle Balsa und Sperrholz-Modell kommt fast bereit zu fliegen, für Sie bereit Endmontage und Elektronik Installation abzuschließen. Nur ein paar Abende der Arbeit sind alles, was erforderlich ist, um das Modell zu beenden.

Neben der vorgefertigten und überdachte Zelle umfasst die Hobbyking ™ Edge 540 eine lackierte GFK Motorhaube, Aluminium Fahrwerk und Kunststoff-Form Radschuhe. Ein komplettes Hardware-Paket einschließlich CA Scharniere, Steuerstäbe und Spornrad Einheit das Modell abrunden.

• Almost Ready to Fly - komplette Endmontage und installieren Sie Ihre Wahl der Elektronik
• Erschlossen geringes Gewicht Balsa und Sperrholz Zelle
• Vorlackierte GFK-Motorhaube
• Magnetisch gesicherten Zugangsluke
• Aluminium-Fahrwerk mit geformtem Kunststoff Radverkleidungen

Spannweite: 914 mm
Rumpflänge: 788mm
Airframe Gewicht: 400g

4-Kanal-Sender und Empfänger
4 x 9 ~ 12g Servos
28 Größe outrunner.
3S 11.1V 1800mah ~ 2200mAh Lipo
25A ~ 40A ESC
  • HobbyKing Edge 540 Balsa Kit
  • 카메라단엣지540
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Wheels | Verifizierter Käufer

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edge 540

Mar 24, 2017

nice model, seems a little heavy for its small size, i am new to 3d so not sure how this will go. i have a 28 size motor as stated i find it somewhat tail heavy so had to use a 2200 3s battery to get back to the 85mm COG. and yep. tore the wheels out on first heavy landing so had to some remodeling around the landing gear mount to add some beef.

chris | Verifizierter Käufer

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  • Quality

Do Not land ONCE with the stock wheels- That's what they will do land once no matter how soft

Jan 21, 2017

As stated by others, this plane is beautifully covered and you won't believe how light the wings are when you unbox it. That said-keep it light. The advertised weight of this plane is incorrect, screwing up your whole formula for build. Expect the plane to be about 850g and up. My mistake was using an Eflite Park 480 motor 89g and a 2200 3 cell. I soon realized 2200 was too heavy for 3d as I weighed 975g. Using a 1300 I kept walking the battery back, until I was near to good cg for 3d but the battery was hanging off the battery tray-no more room to go back. The reason for this was too much motor in the front. Although I did achieve a reasonable cg, the weight was teetery, like a see saw. You want all your weight close to the cg to prevent the see saw effect when a 3d plane is floating down from the sky. Use a 50 g motor than can spin an 11 inch prop 1300 battery and light servos and I think this plane is worth another try since I ended up in a tree after a 25ft drop flippin her around- was level and headin up clipped top branch.

Strela | Verifizierter Käufer

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Certified Buyer Rated

May 14, 2016

Nice little plane, very easy to asemble and looks realy good in the air.

Gel | Verifizierter Käufer

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Customer Rated

Oct 14, 2015

Very nice plane, nice finished, nice covering, front wheals are la little weak, one has broken after a hard landing. I use 900 kv motor with 11x4.7 SF prop, 30A esc, htx 900 servo and woks very fine. At that price, you cannot go wrong!

Douglas | Verifizierter Käufer

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Customer Rated

Jun 28, 2015

So this is a nice little plane with a couple minor issues.

The good: The covering is excellent. This plane is EXCELLENTLY covered for the money you pay. The wings, ailerons, elevator, rudder, hatch, and cowel all fit perfectly onto the plane as well. SO Two thumbs up for the airframe itself.

The bad: The hardware kit is only okay. Don't be surprised if you find yourself at the hobby store getting better bits and bobs than what this comes with.

If you havn't built a plane before, don't buy this plane. I have built many planes over the years and this is not a beginner build. The instructions included with this plane have different parts than what you will receive... so beginner builders beware. You need to know what you are doing to build this little guy.

Overall this is an excellent AIRFRAME for the money. Toss the included hardware, build it right, and its a great little plane for the money you've spent. The best overall aspect of this plane, again, is the fit and finish.

Inside View Download [1821]
Inside Tail View Download [1636]
Inside Tail View Download [1636]
Overall View Download [2065]
Main Wheel View Download [1742]
Tail Wheel View Download [1868]
Motor View Download [1794]
카메라단엣지540 Download [2]
랜딩 Download [1]
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