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MultiStar Launch Pad and Workstation for Multirotors / Drones

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MultiStar Launch Pad and Workstation for Multirotors / Drones


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Be the first to the gate with the MultiStar Launch Pad and Work station for multirotors / drones. The design team at Multistar have delivered yet another great product that will give you the competitive edge straight off the starting grid!

The easy to assemble, all aluminum construction Launch Pad and Workstation features adjustable launch runners that will allow you to set your launch angle tfrom 0, 15, 20, 25 and 30 degree angles. To hold your multirotor / drone in place simply set the position stoppers to your desired location and your ready for action. The position stoppers feature a bevelled edge that will prevent your multirotor / drone from catching on launch.

The Launch pad is suitable for multirotors / drones with a frame diameter of 140 to 250mm (subject to frame style) and also doubles up as an excellent work station to maintain your racing machine between races.

• All Aluminum construction
• Simple and easy to assemble
• Adjustable launch angle control, 0, 15, 20, 25 and 30 degree angles
• Bevelled position stoppers
• Suitable for 140-250mm sized multirotors / drones
• Doubles as a handy workstation
• Black anodized finish with multistar styling

Dimensions: 240 x 210 x 84mm (retracted)
Weight: 630g
Material: Aluminum

  • MultiStar Launch Pad and Workstation Daily
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Really Nice Stand, I'm Impressed!

Nov 03, 2017

I'm pleasantly surprised with this launch pad/workstation. It's very well constructed and assembled very easily. The only thing that didn't fit perfectly were the self-stick rubber strips across the top of the arms. The holes are not quite in the right locations across the two sides, so I had to line up the holes on one side, then the holes on the other, lay it down towards the middle, and then trim a very small strip out of the middle to make it fit. But, overall, it's very sturdy. Time will tell if the screws end up coming loose--they may, because there are no lock nuts or anything like that to hold them, so we'll see. For launching, the angles it can lock into are fine (max is 30 degrees which is plenty for anything but the most extreme speed launch, with other notches at 0, 10, 15, 20 and 25 degrees). This stand works great as a work stand, not just as a launch stand, so bonus for that. At the discounted price I paid, this was a great purchase!

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