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2312-960KV-CW - für zusammenbauen

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2312-960KV-CW - für zusammenbauen


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Neil | Verifizierter Käufer

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Decent Quality – But no Hubs!

Apr 10, 2022

Has anyone who ordered these motors received the hubs with them? I ordered the CW and CCW versions and they arrived without the Prop hubs. Could someone who ordered these please post a review to let me know if they got hubs or not. Hopefully it is just an error in shipping with this one order.
I haven’t powered them as yet but the build is of good quality. One thing to be aware of - the motor shaft extends about 70mil below the mounting surface. You’ll have to counter bore a 7/16 x 100mil deep hole in the center of the mounting surface to clear the motor shaft and circlip. The motor mounting plate should be 100mil thicker to recess the shaft.

jonr | Verifizierter Käufer

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Nice running motors

Dec 19, 2021

Maybe a little early to review these as I've only done static testing so far by running some in a test jig. They seem well built and certainly run nice and smooth and quiet. The price was incredible when I bougt them and even with postage was a bargain.

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