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RX700NR MK Reseller

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RX700NR MK Reseller


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Rx700NR is a small and very light weight receiver with 9 channels that has a range of up to 20km! It also has an optimized input filter which will prevent interference from strong 2.4 GHz video systems.

The Rx700NR will work with any Scherrer long range transmitter and will provide you with a solid and safe signal for your flights. The antenna is mounted directly on the board and with a total weight of only 8 grams this receiver is perfect for UAVs where the focus is on weight and longer flight times.

• Up to 20km range
• External firmware upgrade port
• Running LED
• Completely new software
• Selectable PPM/PWM
• Sequential failsafe

Board Dimensions: 26 x 53mm
Weight: 8g
Number of channels: 9
Output: PPM output 
Rssi output: 0.5 to 3.3V from min to mix
Supply voltage: 4 -10 V
Supply current RX: 18mA at 5V
System: Wideband frequency hopping 
Band: 433 and 440 MHz 
User firmware upgradeable: Yes
Wide user temperature range: -40C to +70C ambient

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