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SCRATCH/DENT Assault 700 DFC Electric Flybarless 3D Helicopter Kit

SCRATCH/DENT Assault 700 DFC Electric Flybarless 3D Helicopter Kit

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SDUK 0094

This item has been used for display purposes and is partially assembled.
And will be shipped in its current condition.

No warranty available for this item.
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Assault 700 DFC Electric Flybarless 3D Helicopter Kit (w/upgrade swashplate and tail slider)

This is the one you have been waiting for...DFC rotor head, shaft-driven tail system, carbon fiber main frame and dripping in alloy parts, the Assault 700 DFC helicopter is here!

When it comes to helis, size DOES matter. The bigger they are, the better they fly! Following the current trends, the Assault 700 is using a DFC (Direct Flight Control) rotor head which provides crisp, precise flight control with a very low parts count and easy setup. The DFC rotor head design brings the rotor disc closer to the main frame, moving the center of gravity closer to the middle of the heli. This provides better flight characteristics and more agility allowing for the ultimate in extreme 3D flight performance!

The Assault 700 is decked out with aluminum parts which other manufacturers normally sell as upgrades. The entire main frame is constructed from lightweight yet extremely rigid carbon fiber. The main shaft is supported by triple bearing blocks which are also constructed from aluminum. The tail assembly is all alloy and utilizes high quality NMB bearings designed for high speed use. The dually supported tail-pitch slider provides slop-free, precision tail control and now features an upgraded threaded alloy (replaceable) sleeve.

The electronics mounting design is well thought out on the Assault, allowing very easy access to the motor, ESC, servos, FBL system and radio equipment. The front cyclic servos mount directly to the bearing blocks keeping the design rigid, simple and tidy. The direct to swash CCPM servo linkages eliminate troublesome bellcrank systems found on other helicopter kits and offers precise, direct control to the swash.

The battery mounting system features a carbon fiber battery tray which is secured using alloy rails inside the frame. It allows for very easy battery swaps by sliding out of the frame with the batteries attached.

The Assault 700 DFC is mostly pre-built requiring only a few hours for final assembly, electronics installation and setup. We carry a full range of high quality components for this kit which can be found in the related items section below.

• High precision DFC rotor head
• Carbon fiber main frame
• Shaft-driven tail system
• Upgraded swash plate featuring thicker control arms*
• Upgraded threaded alloy tail shaft slider sleeve*
• Thrust bearings in tail blade grips
• Direct-to-swash CCPM servo linkage design
• Dually supported tail-pitch slider
• All aluminum head and tail assemblies
• Carbon fiber sliding battery tray system
• Fiberglass canopy

*Note: The Assault 700 swash plate control arms now feature thicker, stronger construction and the tail shaft slider sleeve has been upgraded to a threaded alloy design which is now replaceable. These improvements have been made to handle the stress of extreme 3D flying.

Type: Collective Pitch Electric 3D Heli
Main Rotor Diameter: 1560mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 280mm
Length: 1345mm
Pinion Gear: 13T

Included Items:
Assault 700 DFC Flybarless Helicopter Kit (no electronics)
Tail blades
13T pinion gear
Alloy servo arms
Battery straps
All necessary hardware

Required Items:
Standard size metal gear servo (cyclic control) x 3
Standard size high-speed servo (tail control)
700 size 480~560KV brushless outrunner heli motor
120A HV (12S) brushless ESC
Flybarless system
690~710mm main blades
Voltage regulator/UBEC
1800~2200mAh receiver battery
12S (6S x 2) 4500~5000mAh lipoly battery
6ch or more radio system (transmitter and receiver)

*Note: The user manual is available for download located under the "Files" tab below. Please be advised that the user manual does not show the upraded threaded tail slider sleeve. We will post the revised manual as soon as available.


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