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Turnigy 3 Funktion CDI Remote Master - Spannungsanzeige - Receiver Switch (No BEC)

Turnigy 3 Funktion CDI Remote Master - Spannungsanzeige - Receiver Switch (No...

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65 g

Dieser Receiver Switch verfügt über eine eingebaute Ultra hohe Helligkeit Empfänger Batteriespannung LED-Anzeige, die deutlich sichtbar bei direkter Sonneneinstrahlung ist.

Zusätzlich beinhaltet dieser Schalter eine Fernbedienung CDI Zündung Hauptschalter als ein zusätzliches Sicherheitsmerkmal für Benutzer Gasmotor.

Unabhängige CDI Power & Empfängerstromversorgung Steckdosen. Der Receiver ist völlig isoliert von der CDI Stromkreis, so besteht keine Gefahr, dass das CDI Hochfrequenzsignal den Empfänger stören.

Der Empfängerschalter selbst wird bewertet als 15amps kontinuierlich.

Hinweis: Nein BEC - Spannungseingang ist gleich Spannungsausgang

Kanäle: 1 (AUX) für CDI Zündschloss
Eingangsspannung: 5-6V
Schalten Einschränkungen: RX 15amps; CDI 5amps
Ausgangsspannung: Gleich wie Eingang
Gewicht: 42 g
Volumen: 40mm x 27mm x 35mm


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Love the voltage display - never guess again. Bonus CDI control!
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1) It would be good solution to improve the way of solder wires. They should be better supported and isolated against vibration. Everyone, who decided to use this switch in their rc plane, before instalation, should use a drop of hot glue or silicone to hold wires in place.

2) switch's body, made of aluminium, is a little bit heavy. In case of bigger airplane, the place of instalation have to be reinforced and screws secured against becoming loose due to high vibration.

Those two points above are very important to avoid a troubles in the air !!!
I am telling this on the base of my own experience !!! I almost lost my 2m CAP232 due to broken wire.

3) The led indicator for CDI, visible in switch whole is hard to see, specialy in bright sun. It would be a best solution to place the led in better visible position on front panel (near display i.ex.), instead inside the switch.
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1 lack of crown on quality. the main switch is not perfectly soldered. The solder points are not hidden and it is.easy to fix.

I figured the function out, there is no manual available.


1. Leftmost wire goes to rx. i.e. say channel 6.

2. 2:nd from left goes to a 4.8V radio battery or BEC (5 or 6V).

3. 3:rd from left goes to optional consumer. CDI, smoke pump, lights or whatever.

4. Rightmost wire goes to optional power supply. This one may possibly handle more than 6V .. will check that out soon .. would be nice if you could connect a 3S battery directly to power any cool stuff.


A. Main switch switches power from 2 to 1 and lits the voltage meter. The meter shows rx battery voltage.

B. The optional tx controlled switch is always off at startup regardless of the state tx switch is positioned. Guess that this is for safety reason and no ignition should be on at start up. The optional switch is then toggled from tx switch. Feels a little strange that on/off could be either way depending on first state of switch arm. A hidden LED behind the main switch is illuminated red when CDI power is on, could be visible in the main switch hole. If you like you may desolder this led and wire it to a more convenient location, but it works nice the way it is.

note. the remotely swiched output is 0.2V below its input voltage, a standard, completely normal t
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