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Turnigy 8mm Talrepen Adjustment-Treiber

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Turnigy 8mm Talrepen Adjustment-Treiber

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Turnigy 8mm Talrepen Adjustment - Treiber

Ultra-starke Stahlspitze, wird nicht brechen oder rund wie andere billige Fahrer.
Leicht, hohle Legierung Griff bedeutet es wird nicht Ihre R / C Getriebegehäuse belasten.

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Zector | Verifizierter Käufer

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Nov 09, 2012

I got this to change props on my multi. The nut is 8mm, however this 8.0mm I ordered is more like a 6-7mm, NOT A 8mm! Overall a nice wrench, just wrong size than what's stamped on it. If they get some quality control, it would be a very nice one to have in your tool chest. I added a pic in the files page showing it smaller than the 8mm nut and a 8mm wrench.

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