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Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh 4S 60C Lipo-Pack

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Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh 4S 60C Lipo-Pack


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Die blauen Turnigy Batterien Sie kennen und lieben sind jetzt in 60C bewertet Zellen zur Verfügung. Die neuen Turnigy Heavy Duty Serie Packs haben die Verstärker liefern Fähigkeit Sie für Ihre Hochleistungsmodell ziehen. Die neue Nummer eins in Leistung und Preis! Die neue Turnigy Heavy Duty Serie LiPoly-Packs liefern volle Kapazität bei der genannten C-Rate. Sie werden kein besseres Angebot im Bereich der Hochleistungs Lithium-Polymer-Batterien überall!

• Große Laschen mit Kupferbeschichtung für bessere Kraftübertragung
• Super hohe 60C Entladerate
• Ideal für Hochleistungsmodelle
• Hochleistungs-Silikon-Draht Leitungen

Kapazität: 5000mAh
Spannung: 4S1P / 4 Cell / 14.8V
Entladung: 60C Constant / 120C Burst
Gewicht: 602g
Abmessungen: 147x50x40mm
Balance Stecker: JST-XH
Entlastung Stecker: 5.5mm Kugel
Wire Gauge: 8AWG

  • Kapazität ( mAh) 5000.00
  • Entladung ( c) 60.00
  • Max Laderate (C) 2.00
  • Länge -A ( mm) 147.00
  • Höhe -B (mm) 50.00
  • Width-C(mm) 40.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-12


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Michael | Verifizierter Käufer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Nov 03, 2016

Hallo I have now more than 5 Month any of these Batteries. 5A and 4A as 3S or 4S. All Lipos have bad cells included. Some did complete the mA as is written other break down with a 20A Load - Written is 60C What a shame after your QUALITY MANAGEMENT. I tell you what happen. These are the same old lipos as before with a new design. Years ago the 20C Lipos did a better work as all your WANT TO BE A GOOD LIPO.

I bought about 400 Lipos at HK but that was the last one. From a over view from 10 Years 75% of your lipos have 65% Capacity and about 45% a damage at factory. I talked more than 1000 times with your staff abouit these problems in Europe and UK Warehouse.

All your staff know that problem and give to their next higher Staff. What happen until today is really nothing. The batteries break in from 4.2V directly to 3.5V with some loads from 30A and 40A. To fly a Airbus from HK is not possible with any Lipos from HK.
NO LIPO does not matter which one, Turnigy or Zippy, can work for that Airbus you sell. We need to fly a lipo which does not break in so extremely. Also there is no 3S in your shop who can do that.

Anthony | Verifizierter Käufer

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  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jan 06, 2016

I just received 2 of these heavy duties 5000mah 4s batteries and I automatically measure the internal resistance on the batteries. 1 battery turned out fine with 1 1 1 1's across the board while the other had 1 1 5 1. Voltage was 3.80 on 3 cells while the bad one had 3.69. I then balance charge and now there is a 20pcnt difference on the bad cell that wont go past 4.00! Who does the quality control before these batteries get shipped out!! I'm not too happy about this and just seen another review with the same scenario! I lost buying confidence in your batteries HobbyKing

hotboxedtyper | Verifizierter Käufer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jan 06, 2016

I have recieved 3 Turnigy Heavy Duty lipos with either a dead cell or a bad cell that won't charge. Hobbyking's quality control is a joke. They can't even simply check voltages before shipping?! How hard is that? Now I have to wait probably at least 2 or 3 weeks for a replacement?! Do yourself a favor and stay away fromTurnigy Heavy Duty lipos.

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