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Walkera QR X350 GPS Quadcopter mit zurück zur Home-Funktion und DEVO 7 (Mode 2) (RTF)

Walkera QR X350 GPS Quadcopter mit zurück zur Home-Funktion und DEVO 7 (Mode ...

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essential items and

Der Walkera QR X350 Quad-Copter ist der neue "Volks Multi-Rotor", unabhängig von seiner Erfahrung ist dies die perfekte Passform für alle, seine Funktion mit GPS und Kompasssensoren verpackt. Es gibt Flugmodus für jede Art von Flyer, von dem Kameramann einen Sonnenuntergang mit dem optionalen GoPro Erfassung montieren Sie die glatte Verwendung stabilisiert Flugmodus mit GPS und Höhenhalte oder Anfänger, die ein wenig desorientiert unter Verwendung der "One Key to Home" Feature wird. Alle Funktionen wählbar aus einer einzigen einfachen Schalter zu erreichen. Es ist offensichtlich, dass Walkera viel für Forschung und Entwicklung dieses sensationellen Multirotor zu schaffen verbracht hat. Jeder kann erfolgreich sein, mit diesem einfach einsatzbereit Quad-Copter zu fliegen.

Der QR-X350 verfügt über einen erweiterten Höhensensor, der GPS-Technologie nimmt so dass es auf der Welt seine genaue Position in Bezug auf die Arbeit aus, dies ermöglicht es dem QR X350 in einer stabilisierten Position Hold-Modus zu schweben. Mit einem einfachen Schalter Flip oder Verlust des Signals wird der QR-X350 selbst zu seiner Einstellung von Position und Land zurück fliegen! Und natürlich gibt es die manuellen Modus für den Sport-Flyer, gibt es sogar eine Onboard-Niederspannungs-Warnsystem zu warnen, wenn es Zeit ist, zu landen.

Der QR-X350 kommt mit allem, was man in der Luft aus dem 3-Zellen-2200mh LiPoly Batterie und Balance-Ladegerät, Ersatzstützen und die High-End voll programmierbare mehrere Modell in der Lage 7CH Devention DEVO7 Sender erhalten müssen! Wenn Sie die Angaben zu anderen vergleichen bereit GoPro fähig Quad Copters und Gesamtwert, mit Wakera der bewährten Qualität und freies Verschiffen zu überall in der Welt gesichert zu fliegen, ist es leicht zu sehen, dass der QR-X350 das Beste "bang for the buck" quadcopter ist heute auf dem Markt!

Die optionale GoPro Kamerahalterung und Ersatzteile sind separat erhältlich.

* Hinweis: Das ist die neue Version mit dem USB-Anschluss am Flugregler für zukünftige Aktualisierbarkeit, ein separates Walkera USB-Adapter (UP02) wird für den Anschluss an den PC erforderlich.

• Komplett Ready to Fly
• GPS-Autopilot-Funktion
• Höhensensor
• Kompass-Sensor
• Nutzt ein Anti-Vibrations-Kamerahalterung
• Ein Schlüssel zum Go Home
• Stabile Modus mit GPS und Höhenhalte
• Flugzeit: 10-15 Minuten
• Failsafe, nach Hause zurückzukehren und Landung
• Niederspannungsschutz
• Devention DEVO 7-Kanal-Computer-Radio (Modus 2)
• Balance Ladegerät mit Welt kompatibel Wandadapter
• Leicht zu sehen LEDs

Hauptrotor - Durchmesser: 556mm
Hauptrotorblattlänge: 206mm
Hauptmotor Größe: WK-WS-28-008A
Akku: 11.1V 2200mAh 25C LiPoly
Länge: 289mm
Breite: 289mm
Höhe: 180 mm
Fluggewicht: <1000g
Ungefähre Flugzeit: 10-15 Minuten
Anzahl der Kanäle: 5 - Kanal - up
Rotor Typ: Quad-Copter
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Mittel
Die Fertigstellung Level: RTF
Empfohlene Umgebung: Indoor & Outdoor

Eingeschlossen sind:
Walkera QR X350 Bereit Quad-Copter to Fly
DEVO Devention Transmitter (Modus 2 - linken Stick Gas)
QR X350 LiPoly Batterie (11.1v 2200mAh 25c)
Balance Ladegerät GA005 mit Weltnetzstecker-Adapter EU, UK, US, AUS

8 x AA Batterien für den Sender

* Hinweis: Der QR - X350 verwendet 3,5 - mm - Kugel - Anschlüsse für die Batterie - Stecker. Eine Kugel Anschluss an XT60 Adapter ist aus unserer internationalen Lager verfügbar.


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nothing much to add spec wise other than not really getting 10-15 minutes, lucky to even get 10
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verified_user Quality
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Simply amazing quad. Read and follow all instructions and you will have no problems at all and you will get flight times of 10 - 15 minutes as advertised. Have the UPO2 upgrade cable ordered but the qr x350 flies so well and with pin point accuracy out of box I don't see a need to improve. Flies silky smooth. Have a gopro in the walkera mount and get great quality videos without two axis mount. (But I am going to get one). Only negative that I found was the battery connectors. Although okay, when everything you fly has E3C connectors or whatever you fly with, you are going to want to change out. My friend bought a Blade 350 and this Walkera is so much better and more quality both in the quad and the radio. This one will not disappoint.
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verified_user Quality
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This is the worst product I have ever flown or bought and I've been into r/c since the 80's.
Set the quad up as per the manual for the compass/gyro and accelerometer, took it up to about 50 - 60 ft and put into position hold, the accelerometer worked fine and flew it straight into the ground before I could switch back to manual and recover. Now I have heard that this product has issues with bad software and upgrades, but you should not have to upgrade a product straight from the box. Or they should not be sold if there is a problem with software.
Now I have a quad with a broken body and I don't think Hobbyking will do anything about it, we'll see.......
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verified_user Quality
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Observe code binding instruction and plug in model pack within 10 secs of switching on TX.
Compass calibration cumbersome.
Devo7 system is a little weird hence reduced overall rating.
Nicads or Nimnh are needed in TX it eats alkalines.
Black plug is for reversing fixed ID setting.This setting is useful as the model can be plugged in at any time the TX is on.
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verified_user Quality
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OK, so I'm a newbie. I've flown a little cheapo quad and thought it's time to move up. The X350 looks impressive, but I found the build/design quality to be a little lacking for the crash abuse it gets from me as a newbie. After only a few flights I managed to crash the aircraft sufficiently to break an internal screw mount at the rear where the 2 LEDs are. Now every time I crash it the right hand LED pops out. I also found the battery compartment is a tad too small to allow for removal of battery, its label always get caught on the body inside. The battery compartment lid also tends to pop open after every little crash making it a nuisance.
The manual is less than informative for a newbie like me. The GPS hold feature is not explained very well. I'm still trying to figure out if I can move the sticks whilst it's engaged or if I should not touch them at all. On one occasion the quad shot up into the sky when I hit the Return To Home button and I had to put it back into manual mode and attempt to land it (turn out to be a crash landing anyway). The GPS Hold seems to work quite well and I'm very happy with that.
The controls are very responsive, perhaps a bit too much for a newbie. I don't know as I've not flown too many other aircraft. I did find the batteries for the TX drained fairly quickly. I only managed about 5 flights before the battery indicator showed only 1 bar at wh
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verified_user Quality
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Much better than I expected , and the fact that before having the " QR X350 " no other product Walkera seemed good quality .

Have the " QR X350 " surprised me !

Very stable flight , sitema lock altitude and return home works fine .

The Radio DEVO 7 works fine , I have done a flight to 600 meters away and just did not go further because my FPV system ( with Fat Shark TX Imersion RC 5.8Ghz 600mw ) started to drizzle , but the control was working perfectly , contrary to what I had read in that it does not exceed 250m in fact it seems to be full range , internet can not say that yet because I have not done this test already went over 600 meters and it worked perfect what made me have confidence to buy RX loose to put in my large model airplanes .

The material quality is very good , the charger is plug and play so I'm using to charge other batteries LIPO I own.

Comes with an exit in parallel with the main battery for you to feed your FPV system so very practical .

The problems I encountered :

I opened it and found a weld that was very close , was not a short circuit , over was too close , it was easy to fix .

I made a long flight too using the altitude lock when the battery died the system came into conflict , it went down very fast, and broke the camera mount , but nothing much is so something I would know if I had read the manual. What happened was that while Speeds wanted
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  • Walkera QR x350

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