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1/3-inch SONY CCD Video Camera (NTSC)

1/3-inch SONY CCD Video Camera (...

The camera uses a quality glass lensed SONY CCD system. 

1 x SONY CCD 1/3inch Camera

Camera spec.

CCD sensor type:1/3 color SONY CCD...

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The camera uses a quality glass lensed SONY CCD system. 
1 x SONY CCD 1/3inch Camera

Camera spec.
CCD sensor type:1/3 color SONY CCD   
NTSC: 510(H)*492(V) (Included)  
PAL: 500(H)*582(V)
Scanning system: Interlaced scanning
Synchronization: System:Inter
Horizontal resolution: 420TV line   
Minimum Illumination 0.01LUX/F1.2
DSP+CCD: CXD3142R+405AK 
S/N Ratio: 48dB   
Gamma Modification: 0.45   
White balance: Auto
Auto backlight compensation: Auto
Lens: 3.6MM
Audio: No
Input voltage: 9~12.6V 
Electric current 80MA 
Electronic Shutter: 1/50 (60) ~ 1/100,000s   
Video output: 1.0VP-P composite video   
Operation Temp.: -20~50
Size: 38*38mm 
Flight time: Approx 60min/100mah 3S

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Be sure to check the cable before you hook it up. Red and white where switched. Red was signal and white was 12v. After 5 minutes on the bench it gets really hot. Not sure if something blew from being connected backwards. If I keep on using may look at adding some heat sinks.
So when you are reading reviews of this product please remember that this is such a cheap camera and being that it is so cheap its not going to be perfect, the video quality isn't amazing. But the camera works and it works pretty well considering the price. One upgrade that I would recommend straight out of the gate would be a wider angle 2.1-2.8mm lens. the stock lens is in my opinion way too narrow to effectively fly FPV. This little board cam is a great way to get started into cheap FPV. If you are on a budget and cannot spend too much money on your setup look no further and add this camera to your cart!
I ordered it again since the one that came with my 900MHz fpv video system worked very good. It would have 5 stars if the power cables did not came wrong. I had to reverse the polarity of the connector, good luck that I checked this first before connected to the battery!, Video quality is not the best, but for such a cheap camera, I'm very pleased. It works best when you see your video on a CRT tv though...much more than what you see in modern LCD screens!
This camera is very decent for being cheap. It does has a lil problem with the wiring, well atleast mine did . make sure you look at the board to see which one is the video and power. my video was the red one instead of the white one good thing I check the board before I proceed on installation. Works great with my boscam 200mw, which I use with my homemade FPV goggles.
Image quality good, weight good, overall quality good however the reason for the low quality rating is the camera would not work when first hooked up. After inspection with a magnifier I noticed the supplied wiring harness was wired wrong. The red power positive and white video were reversed according to the - and video printed on the circuit board. Switched the wires red power positive and white video.. Works fine now.
These aren't the best but for the price there expendable! I like to keep a few around for whatever.
camera works fine, but like others said, the wires were wrongly inserted into connector; swapped them and it works nicely, indoors. out side during afternoons-evenings, the camera works very nicely when you are flying AWAY from the sun, but as soon as you turn toward the sun, you might as well be looking at a black screen. this camera does not handle the light from the sun well at all, will be buying a WDR camera to combat that. but over all, if the times you are flying is noon or late night (yes this camera handles low light fairly well), this camera will work just fine for you.
i testing on 2s battery work fine untin 7.1v just shutdown. vary happy this camera. dont forget look at pcb pin before power up. " Vout - ".
Very poor product.
1) like many people have experience, the wires came with power and video out reversed on the connector.
2) the camera worked for a few minutes, then stopped working completely. I'm hoping I will be granted a credit.

Don't be cheap on your FPV camera, buy a better one. This may be appealing for the cost, but don't waste your time with it.
Got mine today and the first thing I did was check the power and video wire and they were wrong. I just popped the pens out and switched them. And I now bought a 600TVL SONY SUPER HAD CCD D-WDR Color Board Camera with OSD Menu DNR . And the video on this is not even close to the 600TVL. If I could go back I would have just bought the 600TVL and save some money.
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