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Durafly T-28 Trojan USMC 1100mm (43") V2 (PNF)

Durafly T-28 Trojan USMC 1100mm ...

The team at Durafly have added some great new features and enhanced the quality of the version 2 Durafly T-28 Trojan 1100mm plug and fly model. With an authentic yellow US Marines color scheme and with a finish every scale modeler deserves. As with all new Durafly releases, the best has just got better.


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The North American T28 Trojan was built in the 1950’s as a military training aircraft for all three services, the U.S. Navy, airforce, and U.S. Marines. It saw service in the Vietnam war and is still a very popular attraction at airshows today. The team at Durafly have added some great new features to the aircraft along with an authentic yellow US Marines color scheme. The finish is second to none and as with all new Durafly releases, the best has just got better.

The original version 1 of the Durafly T-28 Trojan flew perfectly through all levels of the flight envelope from scale fly-bys to spirited aerobatics. Keeping all the great features from the original Durafly T-28 Trojan, like preinstalled navigation lights, servo-less electric retracts with gear doors, flaps and all servos. The new features that the team at Durafly have added include a fully functional dive brake and a cockpit designed specifically for FPV flight. You will need to add your own Pan and tilt camera with a head tracker, VTX and antennas. FPV is a great way to get that full flying experience being fully immersed in the T-28's cockpit.  The V2 T-28 has an increased internal bay to house all your electronics and battery. Under the scale cowl, we have added an AeroStar 3536-750kv brushless out-runner motor coupled with an AeroStar 40A ESC driving a scale 3-bladed propeller on 4S will provide you with all the power you need for loops and rolls and awesome performance.


The Durafly T-28 Trojan 1100mm V2 is designed to screw together in just 6 easy steps, getting you in the air faster and glue free. All electrics are pre-installed and all you need to add is your choice of transmitter and receiver, battery and of course your choice of FPV equipment.

The T28 is a rock solid performing warbird and an extremely stable flying platform. The servo-less electronic tricycle undercarriage makes ground handling, take off's and landings a breeze. The T-28 is an extremely popular warbird and RC flying model, Now with this exciting new USMC authentic scheme and new features to match The US marines wants you and the new V2 T-28 will make your flying mates go all "Oorah" with envy.


• Ultimate scale details from the leader in the 1100mm class warbirds
• Fully functional retracts with gear doors
• New fully functional dive brake
• Day bright LED navigation lights
• Ultra smooth and super tough EPO foam
• Authentic yellow USMC color scheme "Oorah"
• Designed to run on a 4S power set up and performance to match
• 6~9 Channels (ailerons, elevator, throttle, rudder, flaps, landing gear, dive brake, FPV pan and tilt)
• FPV cockpit mount and revised cockpit included


Wingspan: 1100mm (43")
Length: 930mm
Flying Weight: 1460g
Motor: 3536-750kv brushless outrunner
ESC: Durafly 40A
Propeller: 10x6 3-blade
Battery: 2200mAh 4S 30~65C LiPo (not supplied)


All hardware


6~9 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 4s (30~65C) Lipo Battery
FPV equipment (optional)
US marines style haircut and attitude


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Also just received mine from the UK site and also no instructions, I just need to find them online now
Also just received mine from the UK site and also no instructions, I just need to find them online now
So after sorting out the issues with the main retract gear not functioning - the multi connector in the wing was u/s so I put in my own Y Lead, the gear then functioned perfectly - it was off to the field for a flight. I have to say that I was impressed. With a 4 cell LiPo the T-28 flies with aplomb and exhibits the characteristic of a much larger model. Landings are easy with the flaps and air brake deployed and the ground handling excellent. The power train is excellent on 4s ( giving 6 mins plus flight times with mixed flying manoeuvres) and wipes the floor with my (more expensive) E-Flite P47 which struggles to give me 5 minutes flying time. Overall I am very impressed with this model and would have given it a full house 5 star if I hadn't had to sort out the electrical problem with the main u/c - just a little bit of poor quality control. I would most certainly recommend this model to anyone looking for a scale tricycle undercarriage aircraft.
I got my t-28 last week. No damage in packaging. Went together really easy. Flaps, dive brake, lights and retracts all work great. I put the first 3 flights on it today and it flew great. C.G. at 55mm was right on. Flew great with zippy 2200mah 4s packs. Has high roll rate. Half flaps slow it to a near stop. Gonna try a 2 blade prop for a little more speed but no complaints here. Was a little breezy but still flew great. Gonna fly with fpv next week. I recommend this plane if you like the t-28. It's small but fun.
Arrived this week from UK store.
No instructions included so had to down load them from the 'files'. No problem here.
Went together quite well.
However the main u/c does not work at all. The nose u/c will work on its own when connected to the gear channel but the main gear is stubbornly stuck up and will not sequence!! When the nose gear is connected to the main via the included Y lead this then does not work. I suspect that the sequencer unit is u/s. I have logged a email with the help centre so await a reply. I will try and return the model and ask for a new one. I guess yet again this is poor HK quality control.
Further review to follow if and when I get my problem resolved.
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