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2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Receiver and ESC All-in-one (5ch)

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Rece...

The 2.4ghz SuperMicro All-in-one unit combines a receiver and 2A brushes ESC in one compact micro sized PCB.

Channels: 4 (Support up to 5 channels with “Mul-CH”)
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Type: FHSS
ESC: ...

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The 2.4ghz SuperMicro All-in-one unit combines a receiver and 2A brushes ESC in one compact micro sized PCB.

Channels: 4 (Support up to 5 channels with “Mul-CH”)
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Type: FHSS
ESC: 2A integrated Brushed
Size: 21.40mm x 12.00mm x 6.00mm
Weight: 0.8g not including wires
Voltage: 3.0V~5.0V 1S Lipoly recommended)

Antenna Length: 30mm

Programable terminal output mode
Programable ESC
1.0mm Pitch JST connector
Compatible with the SuperMicro double linear servo (HK2400)
Compatible with the SuperMicro brushless ESC (HK030)

1 x HK104RX-S All-in-one unit

2.4Ghz SuperMicro System module


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The RX is pretty much plug & play, Dirt cheap too.
The only problem I've found with it, is that the motor runs 100pcnt regardless of throttle position. No combination of changes to throttle input seems to make a difference. -1 star for that.
I have 3 os this RX for my small planes and for my Alula : perfect
Only i had a problem when I have setup the "elevon" mix on my TX ( Turnigy 9X).
Without mix mode, ailerons and rudder must to connect in ALE and RUD connector on RX; but, if you setup "Elevon" mix in TX; I must to connect ailerons in ALE and TRHOOTLE connector
I am happy with this RX
Good range
This is not a reliable receiver. I bought two of them. One has burnt as quickly as it was connected to a 1s battery. both have lost their antenna very easily (fimsy soldering). I have soldered a little piece of wire in the one that was still working and it is alive again. I am using a micro module in a Futaba Tx 8U and micro linear servos and a eps6 motor. The system is irregular, not precise. It does not control the motor and the linear servos very in a trustable way. Since I live in Brazil I use to buy 2 or three boxes of products before I receive the previous one (it takes a long time for them to arrive). I have anoter of those rx, with two servos on it in the way home. I hope that works. I am in doubt to continue buying this kind of stuff for extra micro planes that is cheaper than Plantraco or Skyhooks. I am a little tired of testing all extra micro stuff ofered by Hobbyking. Servos that do not match receivers. lack of information about types of connectors, if they fit Jr or Futaba, need of change wires all the time, etc. In resume: good and bad products are mixed requiring a lot of trials. Thanks,
I use it with my Grauner Hott TX and the 2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - JR Module.

No Problems so far!

0.8g, incredible! I love it!
hello all

my name is Seb of France

I cherhcer leaflet of the systems SuperMicro receiver

I can not synchronize the receiver has a radio control

I have a Turnigy TGY 9X radio and RF MFX-600-X

is a manipulation has to synchronize but I know it

if someone can help will be very cool. "Or notice" of the RF-600 MFX-X "

and also I have the cables I buy Micro Power Connector Lead Pitch 1.25 - Female Plug (5pcs/bag)

and it is not good or I can find this cable is thank you.
bonjour a tous

je m'appelle Seb de la france

je cherhcer la notice du superMicro systems receiver

j'arrive pas a synchroniser le receiver a la radio commande

j'ai une radio turnigy TGY 9X et le RF-MFX 600-X

y a une manipulation a faire pour synchroniser mais je la connais pas

si une personne peut aider sera trs cool . " ou une notice" du RF-MFX 600-X "

et aussi j'ai les cables que j'ai acheter Micro Servo Connector Lead 1.25 Pitch - Female Plug (5pcs/bag)

et c'est pas les bons ou je peut trouver c'est cables merci .

it is very tiny receiver and works great but what is the matching servo lead for it? I ordered 'Micro Servo Connector Lead' but it is too big for it.
the integrat esc is on channel 1.
How to switch the channel 1 and 3 on turnigy 9X ?
Or is possible to switch the channel on RX ?

Thanks :)
This receiver compatible with my Multiplex rolyal evo 2,4 ghz fhss system???????????????????????????????????????????????
Saludos, compre este receptor y no viene con ninguna instruccion y el modulo HK-MFX600-F/H, pero no trae ninguna instruccion, para que funcione el ESC hay que colocar el dip switch No. 1 en ON y encender el RX, luego mantener el bind presionado y encender el trasmisor, y ya esta listo para funcionar.
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