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3Racing Sakura D4 RWD 1/10 Drift Car (Kit)

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD 1/10 Drift Car (Kit)

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1410 g

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD 1/10 Drift Car is the latest chassis kit from the renowned manufacturer 3Racing. If you are ready to take the next step from an entry level kit to a serious drift chassis this is the car for you. 

Just because the price is low on this chassis doesn't mean it's cheap, on the contrary 3Racing are famous for making quality racing products at realistic prices which is what has made them so popular around the world. This kit has standard parts that many manufacturers would call option parts.

One of the great advantages of this chassis is that the battery position can be radically changed to create the balance you prefer. It also comes standard with 10 degree front castor and large steering angle and being rear wheel drive it is much easier get it to drift so it's great for beginners too. Basically the whole chassis has been designed with drifting in mind. But don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to bling this baby out with a whole new range of options parts being released by 3Racing soon.

Our stock will be arriving in the next few days so if you want to secure a sweet new chassis at the best price around get your pre-orders in now!

• Full FRP chassis
• Adjustable Y shaped front upper suspension arms
• 10 degree front caster angle
• Wide double-wishbone suspension design
• Design allows the battery to be positioned in the front, middle or rear of the car, to tine to your preference.
• New style rim, with high performance drift tires
• Comes with adjustable oil filled dampers

Length: 363mm
Track width: 180mm (Front) / 178mm (Rear)
Wheelbase: 255mm
Weight: 735g
Internal gear ratio: 2.06:1

2-Channel radio system
2S 7.4V LiPoly battery
Battery charger
Electronic speed control
Electric motor
Drift tires and wheels
1/10 Drift Body
Paint for body
Steering servo for 1/10 scale
Building Tools

Other suggested items:
Reamer/hole punch, CA glue, thread-locking glue, silicone fluid


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I purchased this kit as my very first drift chassis. I opted for RWD since i thought it was more challenging than the beginner friendly AWD.

The Sakura D4 Kit is easy to build, minor flaws like grinding the rear lower arms a bit to make them move freely, but that often enough happens with other, more expensive kits as well. The kit Setup makes the car a bit difficult to drive, if you start out i would suggest you soften the rear up by mounting the shocks more inward.

Otherwise running the stock kit, i managed to drift quite well without a gyro installed. The softer FRP Setup instead of carbon fiber probably creates more flex and so making the car more driveable, which is definately a good thing.

There are alot of upgrade parts available, although in my opinion none of them are necessary to improve the performance, just to increase the "bling factor".

The only flaw with this car is the steering assembly, which has quite a bit of play due to the plastic brace that connects the two steering posts. It is quite an easy fix though, replace it with a proper set of turnbuckle with 5mm Cups, trim the two nobs of the front bulkheads just above the steering crank and you're good to go. That way you can also adjust the ackermann.

Overall, a really great piece of kit. I drifted for the second time in my life and i was about the same level with some guys that were running 400$ chassis
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Sakura D4 RWD was my second RC chassis and for a long time will stay with me. Great and easy to built construction. All components gathered in separate bags, so step after step I build the model. Tools to assembly are included, great.

It's very good chassis for start because You don't have to buy extra parts to do the DRIFT ! Only assembly all, adjust and You can slide ! For adjustment We can do all options, change in the front, rear, balance with the weight moving the battery. Another good think, for Sakura D4 is a lot of tuning parts such as carbon/aluminium base, sock tower etc.
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  • 3Racing Sakura AWD RWD Drift Chasis

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