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5.8GHz FPV Wireless MM238R-MCU Audio/Video Receiver w/SPI Protocol

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5.8GHz FPV Wireless MM238R-MCU Audio/Video Receiver w/SPI Protocol


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This 5.8GHz compact 24 channel audio/video receiver is FCC, CE and ROHS approved. It has a receiving sensitivity of -90dBm, will operate on an input voltage of 3.3~5.5V, and draws a miniscule 190mA when operating. The receiver is perfect for linking to FPV goggles or FPV LCD monitors.

It has 2 operating modes, Mode 1 has 8 predefined channels and Mode 2 is for use with the SPI protocol. This mode can be configured with 1MHz steps within the 5645~5945MHz to give you a staggering 300 channels.

Type: 5.8GHz 24ch FPV Wireless Audio/Video Receiver
Model No: MM238R-MCU/MM238R
Input Voltage: 3.3~5.5V
Current Draw: 190mA
Channels: 8 predefined or 300 using SPI protocol
Modulation: FM/PLL
Operating Temp: -10~+65°C
RF: 5645~5945MHz
IF: 480MHz
Dimensions: 28x23x3mm
Weight: 3.7g
Certificates: FCC/CE/ROHS

Traditional FPV Channels that can be set using SPI:
Band A: 5865/5845/5825/5805/5785/5765/5745/5725MHz
Band B: 5733/5752/5771/5790/5809/5828/5847/5866MHz
Band E: 5705/5685/5665/5645/5885/5905/5925/5945MHz
Band F: 5740/5760/5780/5800/5820/5840/5860/5880MHz
Band R: 5658/5695/5732/5769/5806/5843/5880/5917MHz
Band D: 5362/5399/5436/5473/5510/5547/5584/5621MHz
Band U: 5325/5348/5366/5384/5402/5420/5438/5456MHz
Band O: 5474/5492/5510/5528/5546/5564/5582/5600MHz
Band L: 5333/5373/5413/5453/5493/5533/5573/5613MHz
Band H: 5653/5693/5733/5773/5813/5853/5893/5933MHz

Note: For full specs and pin assignment please see the attached sheet under the "Files" tab.

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paper work

May 05, 2022

sec sheet would have been nice

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