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VuduGlu™ VM100 Black 10min Methacrylate Adhesive 50ml Syringe

VuduGlu™ VM100 Black 10min Methacrylate Adhesive 50ml Syringe

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VuduGlu™ VM100 Black is a high strength, toughened methyl methacrylate structural adhesive offering unbeatable bonding of composite materials and bonding of dissimilar materials.

This 2-part adhesive is specially formulated to offer the very best performance for demanding structural bonding and is highly recommended for carbon-to-carbon and carbon-to-metal assembly. The adhesive is black in colour and therefore leaves a discreet bond-line when bonding carbon fibre or other dark materials.

As well as carbon fibre/epoxy laminates, VM100 Black is also ideal for bonding a range of glass fibre (GRP) laminates made using a range of resin systems including epoxy, polyester and also demanding metal-to-metal bonding.

VuduGlu™ VM100 Black's unique adhesion system allows it to achieve class-leading bond strength onto a wide range of materials without the need for surface primers or conditioners resulting in an adhesive with both very high mechanical strength and impact resistance which is also fast and easy to use too.

VuduGlu™ VM100 Black is ideal for bonding:
• Carbon fibre to carbon fibre assembly (automotive/motorsport panels) 
• GRP assembly (boat hulls, jet-skis etc.) 
• Bonding fasteners to carbon fibre or other FRP laminates 
• Bonding dissimilar metals for heavy transport 
• General bonding for more demanding applications (sign making, architectural use, art installations etc.)

Adhesive type: 2-Part Methyl Methacrylate
Color: Black
Gap fill: 4mm
Viscosity: 120,000~150,000cps
Cure System: Exothermic
Open Time @ 20°C: 7mins
Handling Strength @ 20°C: 12mins
Temperature Range: -55°C ~ 120°C

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