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7 inch 800 x 480 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver & TFT LCD FPV Monitor with LED Backlight SkyZone

7 inch 800 x 480 5.8GHz Diversi...

This 5.8GHz Diversity LCD Screen offers the perfect solution for any 5.8GHz FPV system. It features its own in-built 2CH 5.8GHz A/V receiver, allowing it to receive directly from your FPV model's A/V transmitter! This means it can elimin...

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This 5.8GHz Diversity LCD Screen offers the perfect solution for any 5.8GHz FPV system. It features its own in-built 2CH 5.8GHz A/V receiver, allowing it to receive directly from your FPV model's A/V transmitter! This means it can eliminate the need for expensive FPV goggles, or can be used simply as a way to display your FPV model's video for others to view as you fly.

Featuring dual A/V outputs, this monitor is capable of outputting the signal of both RF channels at the same time. It also features an A/V input as well as a Tracker Link port.

Offering true 5.8GHz diversity, this device features automatic antenna switching to provide the best reception possible. A foldable screen shroud is included to optimize viewing in bright conditions.

• 800 x 480 High Resolution TFT LCD Screen
• In-built 5.8GHz Dual Switching Receiver
• Dual Buffered A/V Outputs
• Capable of Receiving 2 Different Channels Simultaneously
• Not Affected by 2.4GHz R/C Transmitter Signals
• Lightweight and Durable
• 9 Language Menu Selection

Working Frequencies:
CH1: 5705MHz
CH2: 5685MHz
CH3: 5665MHz
CH4: 5645MHz
CH5: 5885MHz
CH6: 5905MHz
CH7: 5925MHz
CH8: 5945MHz

Screen Size: 7.0 inch
Screen Type: TFT LCD
Backlight Type: LED
Resolution: 800 x 480
Brightness: 450cd/m²
Contrast: 500:1
View Angle: 140/120° (Horizontal/Vertical)
Working Voltage: DC 7~12V or 11.1V lipoly battery
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +65°C
Power Consumption: < 8W
Size: 180 x 120 x 23mm
Antenna connection: SMA

Included in box:
7.0 inch 5.8GHz Diversity TFT LCD monitor
Outdoor screen shroud
JST power plug adapter lead
A/V cables

** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, SkyZone FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots. 


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I have got on one, no tracker, only 1 A / V output, with no menu languages. This is not all like the pictures !!!!!!! one received is a SKY-702. I am very disappointed dude this command. heuresement it works but not worth it at all * 108.60
Bad bad bad. nothing works! return warranty.
Qualit scadente ed arrivato guasto sin da subito. rispedito per la garanzia.
good product, good image quality, coverage for the sun imprecise.
This screen is a "Must Have" for FPV pilots who don't want to use goggles or want to share their FPV flight with someone else while airborne. The reception quality and the picture quality is fantastic! I'm running the two standard antennae and had no blue screens or drop outs at about 250metres LOS. It shows the iOSD Mini Overlay perfectly from my GoPro H3! The only thing you need is an M6 Bolt to mount it to your Tripod. I took the standard camera screw out of my tripod as the thread is different, bought an M6 and cut it to about 5-6mm of thread length and works perfectly. Now my clients a an see what my camera is seeing also and it usually draws a crowd while I'm doing AP/AV.
I can highly recommend this as Boscam FPV Gear is always great quality and value for money. Thanks HobbyKing for bringing this to market at a competitive price.
Very happy FPV Pilot! :)
I just receive mine and it seems to me to be refurbished.
The case has some strange tiny plastic parts broken on the side.
The mounting thread is unusable and weirdly fitted in the case.
The menu language was in Chinese.
It seems that there is a protection film on the screen, but I can't remove it since it's been put on before the front part of the case so the borders are embedded in the case.

The sound was broken (loud noise) and can't be disable, but after few on/off the sound is now fixed and works correctly with GoPro and TS-353 transmitter.

The overall quality is quite poor but for that price this screen do the job correctly.
Cheap plastic parts, the mounting hole is badly drilled and out of order on my screen, the screen hood is not better (can t plug the battery, the hole is not at the right place), but despite all these defects, I love this screen. The picture is clear and bright, the receivers work well, for the price... You can t ask more !
And a volume control would be appreciated !
I got this and DC connection on side of LCD broke after only few flights. I read on board that this has happend to others after only first few flights. I went through long process of returning it and getting refund. Be careful if you get this because DC connector seems to be shoddy quality.
Pros: Cheap, comes with a hood. Works well when things actually work.
Cons: Reliability. The power connector is very average and the device loses power when the cord wiggles around. I am contemplating removing the jack and just soldering some wire direct. Also, one of the screw heads was stripped from factory, making it impossible to fully open. The tripod jack is completely useless as the threads are almost non existent. The sun hood is great, however the power jack and the hole in the hood do not align, therefore I had to hack mine up a bit!

Overall: Good, but just a few *simple* things could make this product perfect.
This is something I have looking at for a while. They were sold out for a while and I was really on the fence with goggles. Turns out the goggles came available at the same time as this unit and I opted for diversity.

The fatshark goggles are great but I'm going to wait until the new ones release in July with wide! 45 degree FOV. that would make it worth it. And maybe they will strip them down to be just slave goggles that I could plug into my diversity setup once I get or make cp antennas.

Good luck!
I have a few flights on this monitor now and am very happy with its performance. Clear bright image and the diversity is doing its job. I purchased a transmitter mount from another site and now instead of lugging around a tripod and base station case and setting it up I just turn this on and go flying. I wear glasses and also like to look up from time to time so this was a better option for me than the fatsharks. I should mention that I did have to open it up to resolder the diversity indicator leds with were not quite working 100pcnt. The threads in the mounting hole were a bit rough as well but that's also an easy fix. This monitor goes to static on a poor signal and a blue screen after a few seconds for a total loss of signal.
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