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900MHZ 200mW Tx/Rx & 1/3-inch CCD Camera NTSC 520TVL

900MHZ 200mW Tx/Rx & 1/3-inc...

12 Channel 900Mhz Tx/Rx video system with CCD camera. Great for FPV systems in countries with less restrictive RF power output.

Unlike other generic systems, we have produced a wiring loom and included i...

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12 Channel 900Mhz Tx/Rx video system with CCD camera. Great for FPV systems in countries with less restrictive RF power output.

Unlike other generic systems, we have produced a wiring loom and included it with the camera so that the Tx and camera will be compatible and on the same voltage.
If you buy your camera and Tx seperately the plug polarity and voltages may be very different.

1 x SONY CCD 1/3inch Camera
1 x 900Mhz  4 channel Video Transmitter (200mW)
1 x 900Mhz  12 channel Video Receiver  

Camera spec.
Image device: 1/3-inch Sony super HAD color CCD
Pixel: 752 x 582 (NTSC)
Synchronization: Internal synchronization
Horizontal resolution: 520TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 0.1Lux/F1.2
S/N Ratio: Greater than 48dB(AGC OFF/B/W OFF)  
White balance: Auto Tracking White Balance
Auto backlight compensation: On/OFF switchable 
Lens: 3.6-6mm
Input voltage: DC12V
Electric current: 80MA±5MA
Electronic Shutter: Auto
PAL: 1/50 to 1/100,000 seconds
Video output: 1.0Vp~p75Ω
Operation Temp.: -10~+50
Size: 38 x 38mm
Power supply: 12V/150mA
FPV Tx Spec.
Channel: 4-Ch, AV synchronization
Power: 200mW
Input voltage: 12V
Weight: 18g
Size: 31 x 88 x 8mm
Frequency: 0.9G 0.910G,0.980G,1.010G,1.040G

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Ran 20 min with white red reversed. Board was powered through the Video out pin.
It survived and going strong after I noticed the Video signal goes to a diode and and ground is middle.
Plug came out with the header's plastic so reversing it was a breeze.

Quality is good, will be used with a low quality capture board for live view so video quality does not matter.

Pin 1 of channel dip switch means channel two for some reason.
4 stars in overall rating because the red-black-white cable going to the camera is still messed up. Even after years of having this problem they still haven't fixed it. I got mine spring of 2016 and still had to cut the red and white wires and switch and splice them together. I would recommend if you buy this, try the one channel setting on the tx and cycle through the channels on the rx. If you don't get picture I guarantee you it's because you have to switch the red and white wires. After I made the switch though, it works like a charm. Blows my mind why it's still shipped out like this.
Works really well, just make sure that your transmitter and receiver are on the same channel and the antaneas are pointing in the same direction. The plug on the back of my camera came upside down, so if yours isn't working just slip the connector on the back off the pins and reorienthe it. For the price and the picture quality, it is great. Get a 150 degree 1/3" lens and it is an amazing setup. 4 stars only because my camera came a bit messed up, but as described above it was an easy fix.
I received this system not too long ago and it is much better quality than I thought. The video is great. I even plugged it into my 50 inch plasma and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. The connectors are SMA which isn't clear in the description. Recommend.
Very good TX-RX and camera for FPV and great price
Came with wires reversed. Maximum effective range is 100 meters without changing antennas. Video Transmitter is really underpowered. Receiver works great. Camera lenses are plastic so I suggest you buying wide angle glass lenses. Camera works perfectly. Otherwise you can't beat that price
Just received my kit today. Like many of the other customers, my unit does not function. My troubleshooting has also tracked back to the Tx/camera/harness. I'll have to return. Sigh. Being a business owner, I know QC is very important. There was no documentation/QC card with this unit. HobbyKing do you have a standardized QC check on these products before they go out? Given the complaints listed here you should; this isn't right.
This thing is crap! i got one flight out of it before it quit working. and the range is horrible! don't waste your money. transmitter doesn't work anymore, poorly made, and the antenna snapped right off. tried to resolder but i only get about a 10 ft range now and the video signal is weak. trashing this POS
Best fpv combo out there. Rx is very light so not much extra weight is addes onto plane/quad. Just wish HK would stock 900mhz cloverleaf antennas. My range is 800m LOS (OSD) but I know with cloverleaf range will be 2kmplus so please HK also stock 900mhz Cloverleaf antennas
I am very impressed! First off: some technical information:

THE RECEIVER is center pin positive. It has a diode in the case so if you hook it up incorrectly it should be OK. It will work with 9v but the picture is a bit messed up like there are these lines of blur that showed up on my screen. Was picking up what the camera transmitted though! Use 12v for good picture.

The CAMERA: is 720p so it is widescreen and looks best on wide TVs. If you have a square TV get a regular cam as you won't have the same field of view and the regular camera looks almost as good on a square tube TV. The regular cam has markings on the board so you can see if you need to reverse the wires. This camera has no markings at all. ON THE CONNECTOR: the center pin is negative. The positive pin has a SMD diode (black chip with a slight white line ) on the camera side of the board, right after it connecting to the trace from the pin. The signal pin is not connected to anything on the camera side of the board. Sure it is soldered but the pad is isolatedthere are no traces connecting to it. It is connected only to the chips on the bottom the bottom. You may need a magnifying glass to see board was blue and hard to see where traces began and ended. This should make it easy to tell if you need to reverse the wires on your connector.

ON THE TRANSMITTER, the yellow wire is for video and the white i
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