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A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n-Fly (1520mm)

A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n...

The A380 is the largest EPO model you will ever see and with a wingspan of 1520mm and 4 x 56mm ducted fans it is sure to make an impression at any airfield!
Despite it's size, the A380 is very light and economical to fly, only requiri...

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The A380 is the largest EPO model you will ever see and with a wingspan of 1520mm and 4 x 56mm ducted fans it is sure to make an impression at any airfield!
Despite it's size, the A380 is very light and economical to fly, only requiring a 3000mAh 3S battery.
This huge A380 (EPO) model aircraft comes 95% pre-built and includes a powerful 4 x 25A brushless EDF system and steerable nose wheel, just include your own Tx/Rx and battery.

Length: 1410mm (55.51in)
Wing span: 1520mm (59.84in)
Flying weight: 1800g
Motor: 2826 Brushless outrunner (3200KV)
ESC: 4 x 25A
Servo: 9g * 5pcs
Battery: 3000~5000mAh 3S1P 45C~65C Lipoly Pack (Required) 
EDF Diameter: 4 x 56mm
Your own TX & RX (with V-type mixing)
11.1V 3000mah 20C Lipo battery
Special shipping considerations;
-Sorry, we cannot ship this item to USA. It is too large.

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This airplane is the best EPO jet i've ever flown becouse of its speed, thanks to four 56mm ducted fans, the stability that the aerodinamic and the big wings produce and the perfect landings thanks to its rigid landing gear.
Its appearence always stands out 'cause of the big scale and simple decals.
This plane is really great , flys good and lands fairly easy and is predictable throughout, it seems a bit expensive for what you get but it is a plane you can fly 100 plus times without issue

I got this model second hand from a club member who had not flown theirs in over a year. They bought it before HK offered it, but it is the exact same plane.

All I can say is wow. It was so beautiful to fly, looked so real in the sky and it was happy to fly at 45pcnt throttle. A Turnigy 4000 3S got me 5mins with 3.85v per cell upon landing, so very happy with the flight time.

I will be adding the A320 to my fleet now, I love civil aircraft, but was hesitant to spend so much on a foam model. I got mine second hand, but it has allowed me to have confidence in spending my money on the A320.
See my 2 small videos :

* In Maon :

* In Bourg :

I am extremely happy with this aircraft, and let me tell ya it turns heads at the field what an awesome big bird
This is a very nice flying plane and you can fly it using 3S 5000mAH 45C Nanotech battery without affecting the CG. I bought a kit version as I never trust stock electronics and fans especially from Tianseng. Here is my setup: replace the 4 fans with the original 55mm GWS EDF fans sold here (better quality and much balanced), 4 pcs Turnigy EDF out runner 2615 4800kv, 4 pcs 40A Hobbyking ESC (blue series). With this setup I have got over 1,100 watts @ around 98A of current drawn combined at WOT. I fly it around 40-50pcnt throttle almost all the time (as over 50pcnt does not increase the speed that much) with flight time around 3:30 min. It takes off about 30 feet in a solid runway. I fly it using conventional setup with both ailerons in ch1 and both elevators in ch2 (no need vtail setup). Just remember to use reverse servo for one of the elevator as it is a twin servo setup or you can use channel mixing in your TX to reverse the direction in one of the elevator servo. Cheers
Flew my A380 today maiden flight, did not go to plan, COG all set and engines revved up take off run, climbed nice and scale, then realized as the plane banked slightly to the left that my throw rates of 50pcnt were not correcting so quick switch to full 100 pcnt rate fixed that then in a slight dive and went slight up elevator, then all four engines quit ! yes stopped then splattered pulsed and by the time i lowered the throttle regained power the plane hit a fence,the body and two fan units trashed beyond repair, so sad to see, any chance of a replacement body Hobbyking as i would love to try again..cheers.
I had a minor issue with the nose gear door assembly pulling out on landing in grass. The tab is on the back of the hatch when it should be on the front. I cut off the back tab and added a 1/8" dowel to the front and it has not popped off since.
I make several flight with A380 EPO which has balance little badly in the back.

Therefore, I would like to buy next A380 EPO which improves balance and lightings on the wings plus metal landing gears plus electric retracted system plus retracted gear covers plus rudder.
Have the a380 , and wow what a nice plane went together well and i have done it up in Qantas colour scheme looks fab, if this flys as well as my a320 airbus it will be great, any help on a good life lipo for it would be appreciated as my 320 only gets 3 and half mins on a 3300 4 cell lipo, not long enough :( cheers hobbyking great value as always.
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