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Afro ESC 12Amp BEC UltraLite Multirotor ESC V3 (SimonK Firmware)

Afro ESC 12Amp BEC UltraLite Mul...

Developed from the ground up, we wanted to build a truly Multi-rotor specific ESC that would offer the best performance and value in the market today. We wiped the slate clean and looked to the community for inspiration and help in desig...

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Developed from the ground up, we wanted to build a truly Multi-rotor specific ESC that would offer the best performance and value in the market today. We wiped the slate clean and looked to the community for inspiration and help in designing an ESC that truly could be known as “The Multi-rotor ESC”

Enter Simon and Hamasaki AKA SimonK and timecop. This combination of hardware and firmware expertise in conjunction with the Hobbyking in house engineering team gave us the edge needed to develop an ESC like no other and hence the Afro series was born. 

Boasting high efficiency, all N-channel MOSFET design, jitter-free hardware PWM input, and smooth power response the Afro ESC series are set to change the expectations of multi-rotor pilots around the globe. The Afro ESC series ship with multi-rotor specific SimonK software preloaded! No need to reflash. For added convenience the Turnigy USB linker can be used via the PWM signal lead for any future software updates eliminating the need for complicated flashing jigs or the need to cut open the heat shrink.

MikroKopter I2C compatibility has also been built in as standard. A DIY port is available under the shrink wrap which allows using the ESC with MikroKopter hardware that uses I2C control.

• Now Shipping with OneShot125
Some stocks may require to flash ESC to OneShot125 via flash tool referenced in the related items

Current Draw: 12A Continuous
Voltage Range: 2-4s Lipoly
BEC: 0.5A Linear 5.0v
Input Freq: 1KHz
Firmware: afro_nfet.hex
Discharge wire/plugs: 20AWG/Male 2mm
Motor wire/plugs: 20AWG/Female 2mm
Weight: 10g (Included wire, plug, heat shrink)
Size: 25 x 20 x 6mm  

Royalties paid on each unit sold to SimonK and Hamasaki for their design work, without which the Afro ESC would never have been born, thanks guys!

**Current stock is shipped with 5V BEC. Some Afro12 where shipped with a 6V BEC, as most flight controllers and receivers can accept this voltage this should not be a problem, but if you are having issues with the 6V BEC and compatibility please contact our customer service team to have a voltage step down adapter shipped to you free of charge.


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Horrible speed controller. Would shut down continuously on 4S and even when it didn't it still flew like garbage compared to the Little Bee 20A ESCs. Do yourself a favour and spend the little extra now so you don't have to re-buy gear later.
il cavo che manda il segnale è schifosamente corto. ho dovuto usare dei cavi di altri esc e fare saldature.pessimi

per il funzionamento non saprei momento vanno
these are my favorite for 250 size quadcopters!
not to happy with these.. bought 4 less than a year ago.. and 2 failed on me with only 3 flights in that year... so word to the wise dont buy afro esc all together
Standard and works

Bought 4 of these for my first quadcopter build. They all worked for a couple of minutes the one of them stopped working and had a "Stuck high on B" error.
perfect, i bought 4 and all work fine
Very impressive throttle response. Teaching myself quad flight. With kk2 board this is going well.
These ESCs work well out of the box with the DYS1806 motors I'm using. Controlling them on an SP Racing board with Cleanflight using OneShot. Handle 3S and 4S without any issues with fibre glass composite 5045 bull nose props.

I must be pushing these ESCs beyond their rating as the battery I'm using has a greater C rating than what should be possible and voltage drops right down. Never noticed them getting hot from this.

But the downsides; not exactly the best looking ESC, but I stripped the heat shrink off anyway and replaced it. There's a lot smaller ones out there with the same rated capacity. The BEC is only rated to 0.5A, so can't power a whole lot from one ESC (on a mini quad you do have 4 of them to spread the load with), the Linear BEC gets really hot when in use towards their rating.

In short these are reliable, and I would use them again (and have before).
These ESC"s work well, they required a calibration for me out of box, but they have not failed me yet (still on my first four.) I would recommend cutting down some of the shrink wrap VERY CAREFULLY to give yourself extra play with the wires.
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  • Afro ESC 12Amp Ultra Lite ESC V3

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