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Afro 20A Muti-Rotor ESC (SimonK Firmware)

Afro 20A Muti-Rotor ESC (SimonK ...

Developed from the ground up, we wanted to build a truly Multi-rotor specific ESC that would offer the best performance and value in the market today. We wiped the slate clean and looked to the community for inspiration and help in designing an ES...

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Developed from the ground up, we wanted to build a truly Multi-rotor specific ESC that would offer the best performance and value in the market today. We wiped the slate clean and looked to the community for inspiration and help in designing an ESC that truly could be known as “The Multi-rotor ESC”

Enter Simon and Hamasaki AKA SimonK and timecop. This combination of hardware and firmware expertise in conjunction with the Hobbyking in house engineering team gave us the edge needed to develop an ESC like no other and hence the Afro series was born. 

Boasting high efficiency, all N-channel MOSFET design, jitter-free hardware PWM input, and smooth power response the Afro ESC series are set to change the expectations of multi-rotor pilots around the globe. The Afro ESC series ship with multi-rotor specific SimonK software preloaded! No need to reflash. For added convenience the Turnigy USB linker can be used via the PWM signal lead for any future software updates eliminating the need for complicated flashing jigs or the need to cut open the heat shrink.

MikroKopter I2C compatibility has also been built in as standard. A DIY port is available under the shrink wrap which allows using the ESC with MikroKopter hardware that uses I2C control.

 • Now Shipping with OneShot125.
Some stocks may require to flash ESC to OneShot125 via flash tool referenced in the related items.

Current Draw: 20A Continuous
Voltage Range: 2-4s Lipoly
BEC: 0.5A Linear
Input Freq: 1KHz
Firmware: afro_nfet.hex
Discharge wire/plugs: 16AWG/Male 3.5mm
Motor wire/plugs: 16AWG/Female 3.5mm
Weight: 22.8g (Included wire, plug, heat shrink)
Size: 45 x 25.7 x 10.5mm 

Royalties paid on each unit sold to SimonK and Hamasaki for their design work, without which the Afro ESC would never have been born, thanks guys!


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Good Esc's.

I ordered 4, and have one problem.

Been flying around and broke a prop,
Thought I'd do a bit of tuning whilst at home.

Enabled oneshot on cleanflight, went to test everything.
3 motors spin up, 1 doesn't.

Completely forgetting I had enabled oneshot, ordered a new motor and esc has wasn't sure what the problem is.

Today I remember I enabled oneshot, turned it off and all the motors work fine.

Great little ESC's.

Just be aware that the BEC on them is only rated at 0.5A so won't be much use for models that have more than 1 or 2 servo's (fine for quads).

Also if ordering from the international warehouse, it took over a month for them to reach the UK!!!!
Great ESCs. I have purchased 15 before having any problems with them out of box. The one i did encounter a problem just reflashed the esc and like its brand new. I would recommend them to a friend, as i have many times already. HK seems to have them for the best price.
so good 20a escso good 20a escso good 20a esc
I used these ESCs for my 450 sized quadcopter and they had great response time compared to my mutistar ones that I had before. I had no issues flying with these but the only issue I have with them is when I crash or have a harder landing the ESCs can shift and break due to a resistor breaking off on the board. There is no protection of the very tiny electronics on the ESC unlike some that have hard metal cover caps to protect and dissipate heat.
Great ESCs. Use them on several builds. Bullet connectors make it quick and easy. Some of them I had to reflash to get it working consistent, but I get that on all brands I buy at some point or another. Would recommend them to a friend (well I actually did several times already).
Excellent ESC for beginners too
Pleasantly surprised at this inexpensive ESC, it just fires up and works, the faster refresh rate is immediately evident when flying, and the price is perfect!
I got these on my tricopter and the turnigy multistar 2216 800 kv and I got lots of power and they don't even get hot on full throttle with 10x5 props
These for the most part seem to be good esc. I did have one stop working, but I was using the bec for gimble servo and that servo went bad so might of pulled to many amp through the bec part or could of been bad esc, who knows.
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