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Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 Lite with Airspeed Sensor with Launch Assist (V3)

Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 Lite with Airspeed Sensor with Launch Assist (V3)


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This is the autopilot you have been waiting for, it follows on from where the popular original Arkbird Autopilot left off. The Arkbird 2.0 Lite (V3) is a high accuracy autopilot designed for fixed-wing, it superimposes an On Screen Display showing all the critical flight data whilst at the same time controlling and stabilising the aircraft. It is a fantastic plug n play system with no soldering required, easy set-up and easy installation. The Arkbird is perfect for FPV flying and gives total peace of mind due to its many features including the "Return to Home" function which can be activated by the flick of a switch or via the failsafe if the signal is lost.

Features of the Arkbird 2.0 Lite (V3) include a high accuracy airspeed meter interface with airspeed and ground speed control. Launch assist which if you hand launch your aircraft it will automatically start the motor when the aircraft reaches a speed higher than 5kmph. This is a great function for when you are hand launching a flying wing with a pusher propeller. Other notable features are "Fence" mode which will keep the model within a defined area. "Cruise" mode which will keep the aircraft straight and at a constant height and also it has a PTZ output which uses channels 5 & 6 to enable you to interface it with a camera gimbal to keep the camera level. These are just a few of the features of this remarkable autopilot, see below for the full list.

The Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 Lite (V3) System comes with everything you need to setup your FPV model for the ultimate in GPS based Autopilot flight including a GPS unit, battery current sensor and airspeed meter. All power plugs and wire connections are included or pre-installed.

• GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model in flight
• Integrated On Screen Display showing all critical flight data
• GPS based "Return to Home" function
• GPS waypoint flight/geofencing function
• Can be used with up to 7 channels (a 7 channel radio is required to be able to use all the features)
• Cruise mode for straight and level flight
• Auto levelling
• Hand launch assist
• Highly accurate airspeed meter interface
• Programmable for V tails, delta wing, butterfly brake, flying wings and other configurations
• Hover mode which will slow the model and keep it steady (prop hang)
• Gyro mode for 3D flying
• Flap control which will intelligently control the flaps, it will lower flaps if the airspeed gets too low
• Intelligent PID controller, easy to setup and adjust
• Easily adjust the parameters using the OSD menu using the transmitter sticks
• Can be installed flat or on its side
• Flight data logging records time, route, power consumption and maximum height of the flight

Input Power: 2~6S (7.4~22.2V)
Autopilot Dimensions: 56 x 42 x 23mm
Airspeed Sensor Dimensions: 82 x 15 x 10mm
GPS Sensor Dimensions: 42 x 34 x 12mm

Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 Lite V3
Airspeed sensor
GPS unit
Battery current sensor
Wiring harness
Instruction manual

See under "Files" tab for a copy of the instruction manual.


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This was my first autopilot, installed in a "My Twin Dream". Wiring was fairly simple. A Lot to absorb in the instructions. The instructions are written fairly well (I have dealt with much worse) but I found they do miss details in places. Tech support is painful at best so pretty much bet your on your own. Away from that, first flight in balance mode was ugly, the gain was set too high on rudder. Further attempts were much better, "Balance Mode" seems to be more like a cruise, almost can't change course (I believe i have much more tuning todo). RTH actually works fairly well (I was so happy and impressed to watch a fixed wing come back). The OSD in my opinion has pretty much all you need too know and does not over crowd the video. Sensors work well, my current sensor offset is capped out at 200% but its really close. I have not been able to update firmware, or get serial off board to register it for updates (kind of a pain, need to plug into computer, attain serial number somehow, register online, wait for acknowledgement with firmware updates). The launch assist seems like a great idea, but still can't get that too work.
All in all, I think its a decent product, a lot of features and things you can do with it. The lack of tech support is almost a deal breaker. If you know what your doing with one I would recommend it. If your new (like me) your in for a lot of head scratching and without support its probably not the best one to start with. Will post more as I learn.
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