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Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD V3.1020 (GPS/Altitude Hold/Auto-Level)

Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD V...

The Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD is an all-in-one solution for your FPV model's navigation. This unit is loaded with features such as GPS waypoint flight, "Return to Home" functionality, auto-leveling, altitude hold and much more! It utiliz...

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The Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD is an all-in-one solution for your FPV model's navigation. This unit is loaded with features such as GPS waypoint flight, "Return to Home" functionality, auto-leveling, altitude hold and much more! It utilizes GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model's flight.

Worried about losing control of your FPV model when flying out of sight? With the Arkbird Autopilot System on-board there is no need to worry! The "Return to Home" function can be activated at any time to fly your model back to its take-off position and will be activated automatically in the event that your model flies out of RF range.

The integrated OSD system provides you with all of the information you need during flight such as altitude, flying direction, home direction, roll angle, pitch angle and time since take-off just to name a few. This system also includes a current sensor with pre-installed XT60 power plugs so you can monitor your model's flight battery status via the OSD.

The Arkbird Autopilot System comes with everything you need to setup your FPV model for the ultimate in GPS based Autopilot flight. It features a "plug and play" design meaning there is no soldering or modification required to use. All power plugs and wire connections are pre-installed.

• GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model's flight
• Integrated OSD functionality
• GPS based "Return to Home" functionality
• 4 point GPS waypoint flight
• "Cruise Flight" mode offering straight and level flight pattern holding
• Auto-leveling
• Easy to setup and adjust

See user manual located under the "Files" tab below for full features/specification for this system.

Arkbird Autopilot controller
Dimensions: 50x38x14mm
Weight: 26.5g

Gstar R-15E GPS module
Dimensions: 44x34x12mm
Weight: 19g

Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD
GPS module
Current sensor
All necessary connection cables


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aprs avoir trouv la doc en Franais, j'ai install et configur l'engin. Tout fonctionne niquel, le RTH parfait, le vol est stable mme avec du vent, du coup c'est un peu plus difficile manuvrer en vol stabilis car l'avion veut rester droit. L'OSD n'est peu paramtrable, c'est tout ou presque rien. La version normale, le texte en haut se chevauche avec l'OSD de la GOPRO. Dommage pour ce tarif. L'option config n'aurait pas cout cher, tout comme la notice ou il faut prendre son multimtre pour comprendre o il faut brancher les cbles...
Impresionante producto. Funciona de maravilla. Lo he montado en un Bixler y va genial. Estupendo el tema de los way points!!!
I bought this item recently,but it is a pity,the ArkBird does not work!The wiring is not difficult if you pay good attention to the polarity.When all the wiring has been done and I switch on the equipment,some initialisation took place but the important thing does not happen.

No GPS reception and after setting the switches in the right position,no way to come into OSD setting-up mode.(elevator stick right or left,no OSD setup income)

The only way for me to do:send it back cause this is a faulty one,it is a pity I've enjoyed me so much on this!

(and now hoping HobbyKing will do something about it!)
Je viens juste de recevoir le produit. je dplore le manque de notice pour un article ce prix ! Arkbirk se fou de la gueule du monde! Dans la boite une poigne de cable, le boitier lectronique, le GPS et dmerdez vous ! Vous allez me dire c'est identique l'ensemble du modlisme... Selon la notice fournie par HK dans "FILES" 3 mode d'OSD mais impossible de savoir le rsultat de chacun... En gros vous le saurez une fois achet... Visiblement aucune connexion au PC, donc aucun rglage de l'OSD... Pour un produit ce prix c'est lamentable, j'espre juste que l'OSD minimum ne vas pas combler l'cran de sorte qu'on ne vois plus le paysage comme certaines vidos visibles sur le net o l'OSD est plus imposant que le paysage...
J'espre ne pas tre du la configuration et rsultat, car selon la boite c'est crit : Plug and play... Du foutage de gueule...
Works like a dream on my EPP FPV. Just tested RTH yesterday.
Now I am ready to test my Ez-UHF for range :-)
Dieser kleine Autopilot kann sehr viel fr das Geld. Bin sehr zufrieden. Fliege das Ding mit einem Phantom FX und bin schon mehr als 350km geflogen.
8-tung beim Anschliessen. Habe schon ne Kamera geschrottet (5v).
Ho acquistato questo prodotto ma il GPS non funziona, non si collega ai satelliti neanche dopo 20 minuti ho contattato il centro di supporto ma l'unica risposta stata di rimandarlo indietro a mie spese.Dopo aver speso migliaia di dollari in 10 anni di modellismo mi sarei aspettato un trattamento migliore.grazie ho bruciato130euro
This is my first autopilot and has a beginner, I found it very easy to understand and plug in. The RTH function work like a charm! Just have to save your plane one time and the autopilot is paid! No need to be afraid of lost signal anymore.
On top of that, you can later add the Arkbird antenna tracker witch is directly connect to your autopilot (this tracker is also very cheap compare to other and has good review).
not easy to setup, but look cheap for what it does.
i have 2 now & would buy another if I could afford it. especially with free shipping!!!

But you need to calibrate the current sensor for it to be accurate tho. To calerbrate the sensor. Strap down the plane, use a fully charged battery & set in Osd set mah calerbration to 100.<(important) now connect that fully charged battery & run the motor until you have used 1000 mah on the Osd then disconnect batt & charge on normal charge mode - not balance. When battery is charged read mah used to charge batt . I used 667 mah so I went back to Osd setting & set mah cal to 67pcnt I rounded up. Then ran the test again to verify. All was good. The other reason to do this is you get to bench test plane to test current sensor as for me the plane ran for about 15 minutes each test.
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