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Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilization System New Version

Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilization System New Version

72 g

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The Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilisation System is a second generation flight stabilisation and autopilot system that is a great choice for smaller fixed wing model aircraft and especially those being flown in FPV mode where a reliable autopilot might be required.

For its size this is a fantastic plug and play system that is easy to install, easy to use and is packed full of features such as "Return to Home", auto-leveling, and geofencing.

Besides stabilised flight with the ArkbirdTiny Flight Stabilisation System on-board your model, there is also no need to worry about losing control if ever you fly out of sight! You simply flick a switch and the "Return to Home" function can be activated. You can do this at any time to fly your model back to its take-off position.  It will also be activated if your model flies out of RF range.

Like its larger version the Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilisation System has fantastic functionality, versatility and has been tried and tested.  So if you are looking for a great value FPV autopilot for your smaller fixed wing models, you've just found it!

• Sensor Stabilized flight 
• GPS based "Return to Home" functionality
• Geofencing programmable
• Auto-leveling
• Programmable for delta wings
• Easy to setup and adjust
• Can be installed flat or on its side
• Hover (hang on prop) mode

Voltage Range: 4~6VDCPWM
Output: 50Hz, 1000~2000us
Full-Scale Range of Gyro: +/-1000dps
Sample Rate of IMU: 500Hz
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C

Arkbird Tiny Autopilot System
GPS Module




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I wanted to give return to home a try and this was the cheapest HK option. For a person with no previous experience of these things I found the instructions totally useless. Searching utube I gained a small clue about the set up. Be very careful about + and - if you don't it will spoil your day, check and re check!
I spent a lot of time and money trying to get the OSD working, only to discover eventually from a kind Chinese person on a RC web site that it did'nt have it, yes it was stated in the instructions but not clearly enough in BOLD TYPE!
Fitted to the only suitable aircraft ( electric Wot4 ) surprise surprise it worked. After my poor start setting up was easy, the auto stabilisation works well, in fact very well, in fact for me too well! The RTH is great and very rewarding to use , just stand and watch the aircraft zig zag its way back to you. The ring fence option I am not sure about, for me it is not required.
The only issue I have is that I tested mine in rather windy conditions and found that due to the over sensitive stabilisation resulted in the aircraft continually wobbling along, fighting the stabilisation system, I have yet had time to see if I can alter the amount of the throws on the control surfaces to resolve this issue. I have not yet tried it on a calm day but I am convinced that with the existing set up all will be well.
At the end of the day it does what it says (if you can understand the instructions) on the advert, and for the money it is an incredible piece of technical innovation, try one you will not be disappointed. JUST REMEMBER CHECK AND RECHECK THE + AND - POWER SUPPLY!
playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
Ordered but remains in stuck position (step two of workflow ordering.)
I have called the chat online but as usual no solution found : I have to pay 24$ for shipping in addition . But order is completed and my money taken.The weight is 0 g! HK should send as they do an error but they do not want. I have left a message at "bug boss " but also as usual nothing done. Incredible as HK low service quality and realy do not care the customer.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
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