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ASP FS61AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

ASP FS61AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?

If so, then Four-stroke glow powered engines should be ticking all the right boxes! And there is nothing like the smell or sound of a 4-stroke g...

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Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
If so, then Four-stroke glow powered engines should be ticking all the right boxes! And there is nothing like the smell or sound of a 4-stroke glow powered plane thundering through the sky.

Fly to the sound of your very own 4-stroke glow powered symphony and bully those little electrics off the airstrip with our new range of glow engines!
Full-Featured 4-Stroke Engine
One-Piece Crankcase
Rear-Mounted Updraft Carb w/Choke Valve
Right Side Exhaust
Dual Ball Bearing-Supported Crankshaft and Camshaft
CNC Machined Components
Iron Ringed Aluminum Alloy Piston
RFS (Ringed Four-Stroke) Engine
Overhead "Poppet" Valves with Cover

Displacement: 9.95
Bore: 24.80mm 
Stroke: 20.60mm 
Suggested prop: 11*7
RPM: 2,500 ~ 11,500
Weight: 450g 


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I received a bad FR61AR Engine. It arrived with zero compression. After break in. The compression did improve but not by much. I can hear air leaking badly between the piston and sleeve. I could only start the Engine from cold because when it warms up. The compression disappeared completely. Cost me £35 to order a new piston,sleeve and piston ring to solve the problem. The original piston and sleeve are a terrible fit.
This is a excellent engine. Mine after breakin starts in one hand flip. No electric start needed. Idle is slow and perfect, transition to power smooth and fast. Weight is low for the size. Power is similar to a 46 size two stroke and perfect for a 40 size plane on a trainer or sport plane. Shooting touch and goes is so much fun as the engine never dies or stumbles. I use it in flight training and so in two years of use it has many 100s of flights on it, still runs perfect.
This is a very nice engine. After breakin it idles with perfect reliability, has good power for any 40 size plane, starts easily with hand flipping and just runs perfectly flight after flight.
Low weight, modest size as well, does not use a lot of fuel, super price, what more can you want? I also purchased the 52 size one but it is little low on power. This one is perfect.
moteur rapport qualit prix imbattable a recommander
rodage long mais quand il est bien fait on est rcompens
Sempre dei preferncia aos motores O.S. Max. Aps experimentar a marca ASP, fiquei surpreendido! No deixa nada a desejar das grandes marcas. Adquiri o ASP FS61AR para uso em um Avistar Elite e posso afirmar que o motor muito bom. Tive um probleminha com vazamento em um o-ring do carburador, mas nada que uma substituio rpida no resolva. O motor funciona sempre na primeira tentativa e consegui regular a marcha lenta sem problemas. Excelente motor!
Just installed a ASP FS61 in a Great Planes 60 Trainer, This is a super little engine, I have fitted the plane with an onboard - glow system. the engine starts first time and will tick over nice and slowly. I now have 3 ASP engines (1,Two stroke and 2 four strokes) I can not fault the quality of these engines. I will be more than happy to purchase more ASP engines.
This is a gutless engine! I bought it for a .46 size cessna 182 and there is no where near enough power to get enough ground speed! I started with a 12x6 prop....not enough rpm to get ground speed.....
Tried a 11x6 prop.....engine revving hard enough for the valves and piston to become one, still not enough ground speed......
Tried 11x7 prop.....same as the above. It is now the worlds most expensive paper weight........
During running in with the recommended propoller and fuel the piston rod bottom bearing broke off.
Very bad engine !
On receiving the engine I checked the inlet and exhaust ports for leakage using clean fuel and found none, though a small amount is not really a problem. I ran the engine in using the excellent procedure from Just Engines and this engine now turns a 14x4 Master Airscrew prop at up to 10,000 rpm, with a steady idle around 2,400 to 2,500 rpm. Very pleased with it.
Generally speaking I don't think ASP engines have the same QC as OS, but the ASP FS61AR I have recently bought from the European HobbyKing warehouse really seems to be an excellent example. After about 1 1/4 hours of running in (following a careful routine set down by a popular rival importer in the UK) the one I bought is achieving a steady idle of 2400 rpm and top speed of 10,000 on a 14x4 Master Airscrew prop. This equates to about 0.9HP. Very good performance. No valve leak discernible when testing the ports checking for gas leakage through oil. Seems to prefer the 14x4 to a 13x4 - perhaps more efficient running with the extra flywheel effect of the heavier prop.
Some minor imperfections in the finish of the cast crankcase, but really - who cares! Still top quality marks as it is such a good performer. Running on 5pcnt nitro, idle valve at factory setting and main needle at about 1 1/4 turns out from closed, just before max revs and with exhaust still a little wet with oil. I did manage to get it down to 2000 rpm, but it did not sound quite right, but this may improves once more fuel has gone through.
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