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Assault Reaper 500 Collective Pitch 3D Quadcopter (KIT w/ Flight Controller)

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Assault Reaper 500 Collective Pitch 3D Quadcopter (KIT w/ Flight Controller)

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Looking for a  multi-rotor model that breaks all the rules?

The Reaper 500 is a fully 3D capable, collective pitch quadcopter that has set the new standard for aerobatic mutli-rotor aircraft. This is a high performance model capable of many 3D maneuvers such as loops, rolls, inverted flight, funnels and more!

The Reaper features a revolutionary frame design incorporating the use of a single motor power system to drive all four rotors. Power is transferred via a central shaft to internal drive belts in each boom. This makes for a very sleek and efficient drive system while minimizing the use of external moving parts.

The variable pitch rotor design of the Reaper 500 gives the pilot full control of both positive and negative pitch, very similar to 3D helicopter models. This opens up a whole new world of maneuvers which are simply not possible with traditional fixed pitch multi-rotor aircraft.

The Assault Reaper flight controller has been designed form the ground up specifically for use in this model, providing exceptional flight performance in a super simple and easy to use package. There are easy to access dials on the top of the control unit to allow for fine tuning of the flight characteristics of the model (no PC connection required for adjusting) such as increasing or decreasing the flip/roll rate and gyro gain.

This is the "Kit" version of the Reaper including the flight controller. You will need to assemble the model and add your own motor, ESC, servos and radio system. Please see required items below.

• Pre-tuned high performance flight controller
• Fully 3D capable - loops, rolls, inverted flight and more!
• Unique frame and drive system designed from the ground up
• Internal boom belt drive system. No external belts/pulleys!

Type: Collective pitch electric 3D quadcopter
Rotor Diameter: 118mm
Length: 635mm
Width: 365mm
Weight: 986g (w/out battery)
Flying Weight: 1240g (w/nano-tech 6S 1550mAh battery)

Assault Reaper 500 3D Quadcopter Kit
Flight controller
User manual
Tool set

6CH transmitter and receiver (transmitter with helicopter programming ability)
High speed digital park size servos (metal gear recommended) x 4
1500~1800mAh 6S 22.2V Lipoly battery
28~30mm Brushless motor (450 helicopter size) x 1
40~60A Brushless ESC x 1
Lipoly battery charger

  • Assault Reaper 500 Collective Pitch 3D Quadcopter
  • Assault Reaper 500 Collective Pitch 3D Quadcopter
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Stephen | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Sep 13, 2015

Many of the parts for the Reaper are on backorder and have been for months. This includes things like the frame arms and belts. Also the belts are easy to damage but hard to change. Two of my wrecks occurred when a belt broke in flight. I haven't been able to repair the damage because the parts are not available. Based on the part numbers this item is made by Walkera and like all Walkera aircraft I have purchased the electronic control system is weak, they manage to stabilize the aircraft but are not robust. Also the Reaper flies like a brick. I don't recommend it.

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Mar 19, 2015

Hello, I bought the reaper500 two weeks ago and able to set the servos 3, 4 servos should theoretically push outwards when I ask pitch up! No. 3 grows inside.

RX / TX eurgle 9x, I try to reverse the servos 1 by 1 (TX) and debugg mode on the flight controller, I can not reverse what has Cervos 3 ...?

someone help me ?

soarin3 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jan 17, 2015

follow up on assault..... after a session of look and see somethings to be careful of are: When Alining the blades make sure they are parallel to each other, as though tracking a set blades on a heli, but in this case, fold them back so they point in same direction. If they are not, adjust linkage, till they are flat. Make sure every thing was zeroed before setting the 90pcnt arm. one other thing, make sure the bearing on head/gear is on outside of each belt arm.....these are a couple of things that bear attention

soarin3 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jan 11, 2015

Received Assault quad, all parts are packed and labeled. Instructions were very good and when used with orange radio and receiver, unit worked as expected. I used a thunder tigre
motor 3700 kv 450 heli 3.17 shaft. Also used a 50 amp castle esc. and initially used a 2200 mah 3 cell. I ordered the corona digital metal 9s servos. When first starting couldnt get unit to work. I had bound rec before i started, this wouldnt work for me, i had to hook every thing up and bind as a unit, The blades were running backwards, but this was easy to change. reversed 2 wires to esc, and wahoo it worked. overall an easy to do kit. Pay attention to manual and use common sense......nice kit......thanks HK

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