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BAE Hawk - Red Arrow 70mm EDF 990mm Jet kit - White (EPO)

BAE Hawk - Red Arrow 70mm EDF 99...

An excellent parkflyer sized EPO jet. The BAE Hawk EDF jet comes 90% pre-built, just include your own brushless motor, servos, ESC, battery and radio gear (Tx/Rx). You will need 3 x 9g servos, one for the elevator, one...

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An excellent parkflyer sized EPO jet. The BAE Hawk EDF jet comes 90% pre-built, just include your own brushless motor, servos, ESC, battery and radio gear (Tx/Rx). You will need 3 x 9g servos, one for the elevator, one for the ailerons and one for the steerable nose wheel. Because the BEA Hawk jet is made from EPO, it is very resistant to breakage and will literally bounce in light crashes. The material is also easily repairable and quite flexible.


Wing Span: 990mm
Length: 1100mm
Flying Weight: 630g
Motor: 2826 3200kv (Required)
ESC: 25A (Required)
Servo: 9g * 3pcs (Required)
Battery: 1600mAh 3S1P 20C Lipoly Pack (Required)
EDF Diameter: 70mm (Included)

Your own TX & RX (with V-type mixing)
Motor: 2826 3200kv
ESC: 25A
Servo: 9g * 3pcs
Battery: 1600mAh 3S1P 20C Lipoly Pack 

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First edf looking forward to building and flying.
This is really a nice plane to start your flying with EDF models. Flys stable and is a great hand launcher. What are dissadvantages? 1. Heavy nose. Depending on your spec its better to fly it on 4S than 6S. It is impossible to move the battery further back due to construction obstacles (wood enforcements). 2. Poor acces to the back of the place for ESC and EDF instalation. 3. Really narrow space inside the plane, in the back section.
Advantages: 1. Low price. 2. Good handling (on windy conditions eighter). 3. Light weight.
I bought one placed a 3200 4s battery and a doctor mad thrust 70mm 11 blade edf. Turnigy 60 amp esc had to trim the foam cover a little for fit. Added 3 quarters of an ounce of weight at the rear. She flies amazingly stable. Able to fly her in 15mph wind gust no problem.
Great plane,
price performance better you can find.
I have used it with 12 blade fan, great! but is good also with orginal fan.
I have modified it with retract.....
Just maiden this plane today.. its need 4 cell setup edf.. i have use chengsun 6 blade edf 2800kv motor. Fly very well
Very pleased with performance of this model (after a few modifications) I've upgraded the fan and motor which required the engine hatch to be cut larger to accommodate longer more powerful edf motor. Now getting about 4 mins flight with 3000mah battery and ten blade fan unit. I found the elevator push rods to be awkward to fit alongside wiring in upper fuselage so cut servo holes and mounted a small servo on each side to activate elevators. Model flies very smoothly but dual rates will probably be needed on elevator. There is no prop wash the elevator authority is limited when trying to land with little power. My first EDF and I'm well pleased with it
Nice model for the price but instructions very poor. A suggested COG position would have been nice. I fitted original fan with motor suggested but balance of fan was a bit out despite my attempts to balance it. Power was also limited so I upgraded fan and motor and opted for 4s system with 12 bladed fan. Time will tell if it was a wise move. ( Yet to fly it ! ) Nose cone is very thin and spoils the overall appearance of what is otherwise a nice looking model. Also chose to fit two 9g servos instead of Y shaped push rod which I considered may get caught up in the esc / motor harness. A good model to do a bit of edf testing.
ciao Gianhulk ho lo stesso modello , ho volato con 6 celle pero , due da 3 celle da 2200 perche non potevo indetreggiare le batterie in quanto al centro c il telaio di legno. tempo di volo 3 minuti .PUOI mandarmi qualche foto o video di come sono messe le batterie? ciao grazie
i think this jet is amazimg..(amazing price, flight character,...etc)
it can fly very slow speed and easy to fly, in other word the max speed is not your expectation ,(i not sure what speed is lowest speed. just could fly stable in lower speed)
my set up is stock fan, 2836-3200kv turnigy motor, 55A dlux esc(too heavy & over spec' perhaps 40amp esc is enough) and 3s 2200 35c~ lipo, modify rudder system. Total weight is about 920g(include 200g battery),
It was possible idle thrust landing as lower wing scale model plane

In spite of many positive things there are few negative things 1st of all nose cone is flimsy,2nd landing gear steel rod bended every takeoff & landing, 3rd stock fan is very weak & unbalanced, 4th edf maintenance hatch too small. have to cut rear fuselage to esay access(advenced edf unit can't install without cutting fuselage)

After maiden flight i decided to mod power system ( will chang esc 40A and Fan unit & motor) becouse of stock fan was break into thousands pieces and vomit the pieces from the air intake...
very good Quality, easy to fly and good to land on grass without Landing Gear!
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