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Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug (ARR)

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Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug (ARR)


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Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug (ARR)

The Basher family has grown bigger but with something smaller. Introducing the 1/16th Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug! The original Basher Mini MT was fun but the V2 takes it a step further with better handling and increased durability.

There are some exciting upgrades added to this Mini Monster Truck. The transmission has had a makeover with tougher transmission gears and a slipper clutch to the reduce the wear and tear on the driveline. After listening to feedback the dog bones are longer and stronger extending further into the newly designed drive cups that are now made of a harder steel alloy to avoid losing dogbones on maximum compression or extension. The arms and shock towers have been made of a new stiffer plastic compound and the tires are made of a slightly softer compound. All this adds up to more precise handling and less chance of damage, so the fun goes harder and longer.

The Basher 1/16th Mini MT features a 2 x 2S LiPo capable brushless power system, and puts all that power down through a solid 4WD drivetrain. With 4 oil filled shocks and heavy duty components, this truck can hold its own with the big boys!

As with the original Mini MT a cool feature of the V2 is the special wheelie bar with an aluminum shock absorber that can be tuned to push the truck back onto four wheels or to maintain a steady wheely. Perfect for avoiding the embarrassing walk of shame out into the middle of your local bashing spot or track to flip your truck back upright.

The attention to detail on this truck is extraordinary. The engineers and designers at Basher underwent an extensive testing and development process to ensure you many hours of uninterrupted fun. But it's an off-road monster truck so, eventually, you're going to break something so there is an extensive range of spares and upgrade parts in stock and all the parts on the V2 are cross-compatible with the original Nitro Circus Mini Monster Truck.

The Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 is the ultimate small scale basher with speed, durability, and all-around fun wrapped into one neat little package.

• Slipper clutch in the transmission and tougher transmission gears
• Stronger and longer dog bones and outdrives
• Powerful 2800KV brushless inrunner motor (water resistant)
• 35A brushless ESC w/ reverse (water resistant)
• Metal gear high-torque steering servo (water resistant)
• Full time 4WD
• Sealed front and rear differentials
• Alloy motor mount plate
• Heavy duty drive shafts
• Hardened metal drive cups
• Full ball bearings
• Oil filled, threaded shock absorbers
• Adjustable toe-in and toe-out
• Adjustable camber and castor
• Independent wishbone suspension
• Front and rear metal suspension arm holder
• Pre-installed wheelie bar
• Extra alloy shock for wheelie support

Length: 325mm
Width: 234mm
Height: 160mm 
Wheelbase: 188mm
Ground clearance: 52mm (adjustable)
Battery area: 100mm x 18mm x 35mm
Motor size: 2838 Brushless Inrunner
Motor: 2800KV
ESC: 35A
Servo: High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo
Drive Train: Full-Time 4WD, twin differential
Internal Gear Ratio: 5.58:1

1/16th scale Basher mini monster truck - Bad Bug
Body Decal Set
Instruction manual

2.4ghz digital radio system (TX and RX)
Charger for LiPoly battery
4 x AA batteries (for transmitter)
2 x 2S 20C 1300mah LiPoly packs in series

  • Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug
  • Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug
  • Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug
  • Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug
  • Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug
  • Basher 1/16 4WD Mini Monster Truck V2 - Bad Bug
  • Bad Bug bashed by a 2.5 year old
  • Slow Motion :-)
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Michael | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Großer Spaß

Jun 23, 2018

Dieser Wagen ist einfach der Hammer. Ich habe viele RC Autos, aber dieser macht mit Abstand am meisten spaß. Der Wagen ist super schnell, liegt aber gut auf der Straße und ist auch im Gelände super zu fahren. Er ist super robust und wenn mal was kaputt geht, kann man es mit ein paar handgriffen reparieren und das für kleines Geld. Einzig der kleine Dämpfer hinten der verhindert das sich der Wagen beim Vollgas geben überschlägt geht bei zu heftigen fahrten schon mal kaputt. Sonst sehr durchdacht und ein echtes Spaßauto. Auch am Strand in Dänemark hatten wir super viel Spaß damit, auch wenn das Diferenzial den Sand nicht gut fand. Aber die 10 Euro für ein neues war es auf jeden Fall wert.
Also wer Spaß haben will holt sich den Wagen und direkt ein Kit als Ersatzteillager für kleines Geld und hat richtig spaß. 100% Empfehlung. Sauschnell, super Robust, durchdacht gebaut und leicht zu reparieren.

L.C. | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

so cute

Dec 14, 2017

The best small rc, bad bug's so fun in 4s and the play time it's not bad with 2 1700 mah battery.
I recommande this.
Thanks HK.

lolo | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

super petit bolide

Dec 14, 2017

Seule petite chose a prévoir des amortisseurs alu de bonne facture car celles d'origine ne sont pas top, ainsi qu'un pignon moteur avec 17 ou 18 dents car n'est pas très rapide d'origine .
Appart ça rien à redire on en à pour son argent vraiment très fun .
Merci HK

Mark | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

It should be BAD ASS BUG

Nov 19, 2017

I had a 63 VW as my first car, so when I found this on sale for the price I couldn't pass it up! I bought with the car an up grade motor, esc, and heat sink with fan. Have not installed it as of yet. Sh**, I have been running it stock, and it is a hoot. It's fast already! When I switch over to upgrade will do follow up review. I looked at getting a Slash car, but after driving this thing screw it!! I don't need a bigger car, this thing is dynamite in a small package!! I drove a friends Slash out where I fly, and I like the Bug better!!! I have a couple of friends that are already thinking of getting one after they drove mine. Would highly recommend this to anyone!!!

Jake | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

What a good car!

Apr 05, 2017

what a good car, super fast, and extremely good at offroading. it is extremely durable and the shock dampening is good for an rtr. the mesh of the gears is fine. I went over and greased the diff and spider gear, to prevent wear, even though there was already a bit of grace in there which is good but probably low quality.

I would highly recommend an absolute blast!!

PAYET | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Sep 08, 2016

What a pity!!!
It could be one of the best little monster, but I'm verry bored with ARR models. The mounting is very bad, I explain: -motor pinion is too tighten from gearbox, servo is not centered, shocks are nearly empty, and direction mechanic need to be adjusted, but the worst, it's the second model with the ECS out of order, the same of the e guana and both are not braking!!! At first run, some sand came into gear box and destroy pinions!!!
So to be all right, I made little plates to seal the gearbox, I adjusted the steering link with washer, I adjust the motor pinion gauge, And I change with my money the ESC this one
To conclude, if you offer better esc, and a few more mounting quality or complete kits and better R&D to seal every gearbox, this would be a wonderfull model... compared to the major brands.
I hope you will understand my request And look forward to receiving your reply soon.

Best regards


Pieter | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jul 26, 2016

Good and nice fast road and offroad car! I use 2X Turnigy nano-tech 1500mah 2S 35~70C Lipo Pack and alu oil shock upgrade . Adjust servo protection and drive like it's stolen! Motor can get very hot while driving in grass. Nice drifting and wheelies on different terrains from sand to smooth concrete floors and can take serious beating.

tony_hobby | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jul 01, 2016

Estou a gosta de andar com ele, muito divertido, nao parece ser mau, tenho um desfeito grande no veio da caixa de diferencial que o freio salta, eliminei o veio com o freio, adaptei para andar a 3S e o indicado, faz 15min com 3S 2200mah, a andar em terra batida sempre quase a fundo

ignusfast | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jun 15, 2016

The Basher Bad Bug is an amazing little car. It's an MT, so it can be a little top heavy, but it's extremely fast (especially on 4S) and quite stable.

Well designed and built
Quality parts for the price
Extremely fast brushless setup
XT60 connectors for a quality fit
Nice sticky tires with good foam
Included wheelie bar is awesome if you're a leadfoot, since it's back on it's ass a lot

The turning radius is quite wide
Never thought I'd say this, but the springs are actually a little strong
Throttle is nearly all or nothing

Customer files
badbug-gearbox-1-tbx.jpg Download [363]
badbug-gearbox-2-tbx.jpg Download [355]
badbug-gearbox-3-tbx.jpg Download [461]
Gearbox Surround (3mm ply) Download [18]
Gearbox Cover (3mm PLY) Download [2]
bug page Download [4]
bug page Download [4]
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