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Basher RockSta 1/24 4WS Mini Rock Crawler (RTR)

Basher RockSta 1/24 4WS Mini Roc...

Basher RockSta 1/24 4WS Mini Rock Crawler is all the crawler you need if you want to tackle the wild expanses of your living room or the backyard rockery and it will attack these challenges with all the specialist abilities of a 1/10  or...

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Basher RockSta 1/24 4WS Mini Rock Crawler is all the crawler you need if you want to tackle the wild expanses of your living room or the backyard rockery and it will attack these challenges with all the specialist abilities of a 1/10  or 1/8 crawler, just on a much smaller scale. This crawler is perfect for those days when the weather won't let you outside or your crawling space is limited because you can set up a cool obstacle course with a few household objects that will keep you challenged for hours.

The RockSta can handle tough mini trails because it's packed with features like a low center of gravity, four wheel steering with steering mixing, motor on axle both front and rear, fixed diffs and solid axle suspension just like the big boys.

Truly unique to the RockSta is the ability to change steering modes on the fly using the radio included in the box. It has four steering modes that can all be changed from the radio by simply pressing a button:
• Front wheels only 
• Rear wheels only 
• Front and rear wheels in opposing directions
• Front and rear wheels in the same direction (crabbing)

With these great features and its tough construction the RockSta Mini Rock Crawler is the best value crawler in its class and will make the competition green with envy.

• RTR with KIT version available soon
• 4 wheel steering with 4 steering modes that can be switched while driving
• Motor on axle improve grip on both the front and rear tires
• LCG chassis design for handling steep inclines
• 2 in 1 ESC and receiver
• Uses 2S 7.4V Lipo batteries

Height: 95mm
Width: 130mm
Length: 187mm
Wheelbase: 136mm
Weight: 250g (chassis only)
Battery compartment: 50 x 30 x 15mm (Max)

4 x AA size battery for transmitter
300mah 2S 7.4V Lipo battery


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I have 2 micro crawlers and have been doing alot of research on crawlers that are currently on the market (minus the losi and mycqlo that are not available anymore). I think the Basher is the best micro crawler on the market. Great looks, great wheelbase and ground clearance, great power (lipo and MOA-2 motors on axle vs. 1 shaft drive on others), performance is awesome, charge time to run time ratio on batteries is great. BUT.....after 2 weeks, my front gears are stripped and my rears may be going too. I asked HK about this BEFORE I bought. They said "under normal use" the gears should not strip. Also, I was advised to not run it into walls or get into serious stuck situation and try to muscle my way out. I have followed this advise, and still after 2 weeks of regular, but careful use, I now have ordered 2 sets of metal gears. It gets worse.....metal gears are always on backorder and HK says no guarantee when stock will be replaced, but normally it's every month. So, I have to wait who knows how long. THEN, I have to go through the process of replacing the gears, which looks pretty technical and seems as if HK offers no tutorials on how to do it. So, overall, great product and great customer service. BUT the metal gears need to be stock or at least always in inventory for shipping!!
Cool little crawler. I must agree with all other reviews. It needs the metal gears. I managed to strip the gears after about 30 minutes of running my living room pillow to sofa course!
New gears on the way. Come on Hong Kong post!
It's a super machine. wrong with one servo. But it was exchanged for another.
! Please user MIKAEL photos of those modifications, or video. Thank you.
Very nice crawler, but you need the optional metal transmission gear sets. The stock gears are very bad. The plastic gears are wrecked in two battery loads.
Awesome micro size rock crawler to have, it has grips, turn and crawl almost everything. It could fit in 2s 700mah 25c lipo tight fit into the battery compartment and drive almost 25 minutes. I've already converted into FPV and its was a blast to drive via immersive FPV video goggle. Thinking getting a second one. Here my youtube links: Great crawler!
Bought one for my sons 4 years birthday. Bought 370mah Nanotechs 25S, they did not fit. Battery compartment is closed with 4 really small clips is really frustrating, nothing a kid could do and I lost one clip within minutes. After approximately 10 minutes a driveshaft got stuck due to too large angle on a wheel and stripped the gear on the rear end. Really disappointed with this purchase. I now ordered new batteries (that was my mistake), 2 extra kits as donor cars and really expensive metal gears. Could have bought a La Trax instead for the money...
the vehicle is lots o' fun. haven't had any gear problems...yet.

i have modified 3 of the rockstas by adding an eachine ef-01 vtx system and led lights. i and my friends use our headplay goggles to go on "safari"...even in total darkness!
I broke 2 gears in the front gearbox in the first 3 minutes of running it around the house. After replacing the gears, then the rear gearbox broke. I replaced all the plastic gears with metal gears and now it's a real rock crawler. HK, you need metal gears for this car!
PLastic gears in axles are crap. they will break right away. Get 2 metal gear kits right away. Seems hard to do but after i did one i had the other done in 15 min. Tires are ok but i put some RC4wd Scramblers on it and it greatly improved the grip and approach angle. Overall this is a cool RC just wish out of the box it had the metal gears.
Very good beginners Crawler,
Alle funktion working very fine.
Tires are very nice!
at least, the gears are very waek, the broke fast,
spare parts are cheap, may replace it by metal ones.
Also very good to add an Plastik Model Body with dome magnetes
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