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Basher (LiHV)

Basher (LiHV)

Basher LiHV hardcase packs are heavy hitters punching well above their weight, they can take a pounding and still pack a punch. High Voltage packs push your drive train harder meaning a higher top end speed and faster acceleration. Normal lipoly batteries are considered fully charged when individual cell voltage reaches 4.2 but you an charge a a LiHV battery to 4.35. Doesn’t sound like much right? Well, LiVH packs are lighter, produce higher top end speed, and hold higher voltages under load. They not only look tough they are tough! Tough enough to take the punishing extremes of hardcore bashing and come back for more. Basher hardcase packs use A grade lipoly cells giving the best power punch, so whether its for near vertical wall climbs, power slides or just about anything you can put your basher through, these packs will deliver the goods. If you want to push it to the limits give LiHV a try.
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