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MultiStar Batteries (Multi-Rotor)

MultiStar Batteries (Multi-Rotor)

The MultiStar batteries are designed with the FPV drone racer in mind. The aim was to develop a battery that will not only dramatically offer longer flight times without the added weight, but also pack a punch when racing. We have a full range of MultiStar batteries each with its unique features (see below Multistar Racer series), which deliver higher C rates and gives you more punch out making them a winning pack for FPV racing. The best feature is the size and weight of these packs with all this power compacted into a quad frame. MultiStar High Capacity, offer extended flight time with little to no increase in weight. Developing the battery to a higher capacity while lowering the discharge rate. The result! Offering you a battery that is still capable of providing sufficient current while offering a much higher capacity when compared to other batteries.

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  1. 9067000076-0
    356 g
  2. 9067000077-0
    451 g
  3. 9067000080-0
    790 g
  4. 9067000082-0
    864 g
  5. 9067000165-0
    205 g
  6. 9067000166-0
    258 g
  7. 9067000167-0
    270 g
  8. 912700001-0
    436 g
  9. 912700002-0
    475 g
  10. 9127000024-0
    1602 g
  11. 9127000027-0
    1735 g
  12. 9127000028-0
    2519 g
  13. 912700003-0
    697 g

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