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Blackbolt BA20 Mini Motorized Panning Head

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Blackbolt BA20 Mini Motorized Panning Head

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Want to take amazing 360 degree camera footage?, then look no further than the BLACKBOLT BA20. It is a true universal, motorized, 360 degree panning head, simply connect your camera to the unit and enjoy the professional precision of motorized movement. It is a very versatile unit and can be connected to any camera that utilizes a ¼” tripod screw, a GoPro adapter is included with the set.

The BA20 provides 3 different panning speeds allowing you to control your camera to capture great quality footage. Left and right rotation, swing movement and stop & go functions can be used to set the panning base for optimal performance to gain the best footage possible.

Motionless action camera clips can easily become dull and uninteresting, take your videos to the next level with this fantastic motorized panning head and express exactly what you have seen.

The Blackbolt BA20 kit includes a BA10 suction cup, the BA10 can easily be attached to flat and curved surfaces. The suction cup and its patented high-resilience sticky pads are twice as powerful as standard pads. It can swing a 15lb bowling ball, but also resist the vibrations that may occur during high speed action.

• Choice of Rotation
• Choice of Speed including time lapse
• Pendulum swing rotation
• Washable jelly suction pads
• Built in rechargable lithium Ion battery
• 1/4" thread to accept any camera or adapter

Motor: 3.6V 2 phase stepping motor
Battery: 3.6V lithium Ion
Tripod Screw: 1/4"
Tripod Insert: 1/4"
Diameter: 58mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 110g (panning head only)
Charge Time: 2hrs with supplied USB charge lead
Run Time: Approx 2hrs continuous use

1 x Blackbolt BA-20 Motorized Panning Head
1 x Blackbolt BA-10 Suction Mount
1 x Connection adapter with screw
1 x USB charging cable

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MC | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Not so good

May 07, 2019

Appears of fragile costruction and powerless as well. There is no indicator when charging is complete and it has already failed me in a situation when I had it charging overnight and the next day's eve it was discharged and unable to move. Powerless, because when used at an agle (eg. 45 degrees), the movement occasionally has disruptions and this totally spoils the video. So, when filming under angle, pay close attention for any disruptions because in post it will be too late.

Christian | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

not so worthy

Feb 14, 2019

The speed selection (slow an dfast rotating) did not work, I had to solder one cable, sliders are scrappy, speed is ok, the gear is a bit noisy, you cannot film with microphone, you will hear the gear noise. All in one not the worthiest product, good idea, bit scrappy quality.

blackmennewstyle | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jul 20, 2016

If you are photographer/videographer like me and you also enjoy the RC hobby, this tool is pretty handy for adding some beautiful timelapses/hyperlapses into your video.
It's very smooth, your rotation will be always sweet without any jiggle, perfectly suitable for a Gopro and a Xiaomi YI.
The only downside for me is the plastic quality which is not really impressive, one of my sliders broke after the third use :(

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