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Category: Beginner

The installation of servos and pushrod linkages in your model airplane, or anything else for that matter, is an extremely important, and vital part of the build, if this installation fails, the results can be terminal.

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Once in a while the opportunity comes along to throw caution to the wind and have some fun with a completely off-the-wall project. Such was the case when I happened to have a Tundra and a Navy Cub in the office and decided to see if it was possible to combine them into one plane.

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The Bixler RC Trainer and Perfect FPV Platform

The Bixler RC Trainer and Perfect FPV Platform

The Bixler range of beginner RC model aircraft has been renowned for many years as the go-to trainer for those wishing to learn how to fly a model RC plane.

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Tech Tip, Using a Servo Tester to check your motor

Often in this hobby you'll find a tool or a device that is advertised as have many applications.....

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How To Set Up Buddy Boxing for RC Radios

What is Buddy Boxing?

Buddy boxing or buddy box refers to a training system where two RC aircraft radio systems are joined together so an experienced pilot teaches a beginner pilot how to fly their aircraft.

Buddy boxing is accomplished by joining the Student and Master transmitters via cable or wireless. The instructor gives the student control of the aircraft via a switch (or button) on most transmitters. At the same time, in case the student has problems piloting, the instructor can regain control by pressing the switch.

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