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Boscam 5.8G Pocket FPV Ground Station with DVR

Boscam 5.8G Pocket FPV Ground St...

Pocket sized yet packed with features this 5.8ghz mini FPV ground station will become an indispensable companion while Sloping FPV off a clif with an ocean view on a Sunday afternoon or capturing the next killer FPV video set to go Viral...

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Pocket sized yet packed with features this 5.8ghz mini FPV ground station will become an indispensable companion while Sloping FPV off a clif with an ocean view on a Sunday afternoon or capturing the next killer FPV video set to go Viral on YouTube!

The built in 2.4inch LCD screen can display video in real time so your flying buddies can see all the action without needing to pass around your FPV goggles. Play back mode allows you to review recordings on the spot to re-live nail biting moments instantly!

Compatible with our 5.8ghz Goggles this unit works completely independently and is powered by its own internal battery. Featuring Video in and out this unit can also be used as a DVR for any other FPV setup running channels not compatible with the unit (Your existing system will require video out)

With vibration feed back for a tactile experience, Remote control power on and recording, USB interface, folding antenna and an easy to use menu system this is one of the most feature packed FPV accessories we have come across this year.

Video size: VGA(640x480) QVGA(320x240)
Video Format: MPEG-4, Single audio
Memory: Built-in Memory (About 59MB) Support MicroSD (TF) Card up to 16GB
Wireless Receiving: 8 Channel, 5.8Ghz
LCD: 2.4" 480x234 dot TFT Screen
AV output: Signal Audio Channel, Video output
AV input: Signal Audio Channel, Video input
USB Interference: USB 2.0
Battery: Rechargeable Li-battery 3.7V
Power adapter input: AC 100V-240V 5-/60Hz Output: DC5V/1A
Power consumption: 1.2W
Speaker: Built-in Single audio
Working Temperature: 0-40 Centigrade
Storage Temperature: -40 Centigrade -70 Centigrade
Weight: 95g

Mini DVR
Li-rechargeable battery
Remote Control
USB Cable
AV Cable
Power adapter

5.8G :

** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, Boscam FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots. 


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5.8G Pocket FPV Ground Station with DVR

I loves this product every thing what i want for FPV.

i record my image from my eagle tree predator 5.8ghz.
It wil not recognized the transmitter or receiver from fatshark but i put the plug from de 5.8G Pocket FPV Ground Station with DVR in the fatshark goggles.
put the plug not to far in the eagle tree goggles and wil see live images and can be recorded

Only thing what disapointed me was the display icons
if i record or play images on the display.
display is really great.
battery icon micro sd icon apears,how can i disapear icons when i record or play image.(help) if you playing te images on youre computer the icons wil not apear that is great so it wil not record the icons.

But if you wil lose youre plane and you want to look up the coordinate to find youre planes the right cordinate you wil not see complete the last 3 nr are behind the sdcard icon.(i could use the laptop but it wil not come if i go flying on the field i only want to look at that moment on the 5.8G Pocket FPV Ground Station with DVR) HELP needed

but for diehard fpv a must to get youre planes back by crash
and find youre expensive hardware.
i just ordered this from the hongkong wharhose and it literaly shipped out the same day the best service ive ever expirienced in hongkong that ids great keep it up hobbyking . i will report how long transport takes and upload a video of the resolution using the fatshrk preditor fpv system. updates to come, tommy
Wery nice recorder. I had some problem with the battery connection at first, but fixed this. 5.8GHz reciver is not the best, but I use this directly to seperate receiver.
Due to the frequency channels, its not compatible with Fatshark, thus its useless for many users.

It will also be nice to have version with bigger screen.
Five Stars, But Channels Are way off, Battery Not Big Capacity? Run Time 30 or 40 Minutes, Still Good Buy, Range Quarter Mile?
I saw this unit reviewed at RcModelReviews. His report said that the unit performs as described. Overall, a good review.
great item. I like it
Just received this Pocket DVR and checked out all it's basic functions. I used the HK 200mw 5.4ghz vTx and it works great with this unit. Note: the channel order on this DVR is bit wonky and I had to set it to ch 4. The recording quality is very good, good FPS, decent colors, and no compression artifacts. The file sizes seem to run about 50 MB/min. It records and displays even during periods of heavy static. I just wish it had a 4"-6" screen @ 640x480 and an external antennae jack. Then it would truly be a perfect all-in-one FPV ground station. But can't fault it for what it is, a cheap, functional, Pocket DVR, that does just what it claims to. I'll add some videos when I get it installed on something cool.
  • 5.8G Pocket FPV Ground Station with DVR

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