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Micro F22 Jet Fighter w/Auto Takeoff and Stability Control RTF (Brushless Motor Mode2)

Micro F22 Jet Fighter w/Auto Takeoff and Stability Control RTF (Brushless Mot...

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One of the best parkflyer "jet" models you will find, the F22 is a complete ready to fly pusher model that is great fun and very easy to fly.

Equipped with 6 axis gyro stabilisation and self-levelling function, this model is one of the easiest models you will ever fly and within minutes you will be ripping up the sky like you own it.  With the auto stablisation it also features "smart control" which offer one click take off and landing and automatic circle functions.  

A voice trainer keeps you informed about what the aircraft is doing and includes battery and altitude warning.  Powered by a single cell 3.7V lipo you will get up to five minutes of flying time and made from eco friendly materials, this great model is safe for children and highly  crash resistant.

The F22 jet Fighter comes complete with everything you need to fly including a fantastic carry case that will keep the model, radio control and other accesories safe and secure.

This is a great piece of Micro RTF model technology and whether you are a beginner or expert, its a whole lot of fun to fly.

• Scale looks and hi-vis finish
• 6 axis gyro stabilisation makes flying easy
• "Smart Control" one click take off, land and circle
• Damage resistant
• Voice Trainer
• Low Power Warning
• Telemetry feedback
• Ready to fly 

Wingspan: 8.74 in / 222mm
Length: 12.218 in / 312mm
Flying Weight: 1 oz / 32g
Thrust Weight Ratio: 1:1 (Brushed) 1.25 (Brushless)
This model motor type: Brushless
This model mode type: Mode 2
Servo: 2g x 2
Battery: 1S 3.7V 200mAh 20C Lipo
Radio: 6 Channel, DSM2 compatible
Gyro: 6 Axis
Barometer: Yes
Voltage Sensor: Yes
Material: EPP Foam

F22 Fighter model
Radio Transmitter (Mode2)
2 x 1S 3.7V batteries
Charging Box and cable
Carry Case

Note: There are four versions of this model.  This version has a Mode 2 radio control and the model is equipped with the brushless motor.  


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I bought this because I wanted something small and RTF for traveling or whatever. It does everything as described and delivers more than you might expect from such a small plane. The case is big bonus.

Radio: Just amazing, you can customize DR, EXPO, EP, etc (you also have basic telemetry for flight battery with voice notification and, if I remember this correctly, RSSI). The only downside is that it drains the batteries quickly, I might try more mAh batteries. Not sure about the fail safe, in the manual it says it will enter a FS mode that will bring the plane in circles - I prefer the old school 0 throttle + preset elevon position, which doesn't seem to be available. Range looks OK with no glitches.

Plane: Good quality, classic servos and mine has a brushless motor. Minor trimming was required. Good power to weight ratio and feels durable.

Flight characteristics: 4 flight modes: Self leveling (gyro+acc: probably the best option for this size and it can handle moderate wind as well and it's very forgiving), Stabilized (gyro: more responsive but also can be impracticable, especially if there are wind gusts), Normal (might work on 0 wind, otherwise it will probably result in a crash). There is also an assisted mode that might be useful for a complete beginner, which looks to have auto-throttle, altitude hold, auto-land and takeoff - not sure how good they work as I haven't tried them.
Overall it's fun and can also be challenging if you want to try the normal mode.
Flight time is about 4 minutes, but I think you can add a slightly bigger battery w/o messing the CG - or just buy more 200mAh batteries - btw, you get 2 with this package.

You can charge the batteries using an external phone battery using the changer that is provided.

Even though the landings are slow, this is a fast plane and you need to fly it fast in big radius circles. Some flying experience is needed to be able get the most of it. I would recommend this for intermediate+ levels, for people who flew a RC plane before.

IMO, this size needs stabilization, not sure it can be fun w/o it.
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playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
The brushless motor comes to tight to the mount and scraped a lot until it gained clearance making an annoying noise and the plane would only fly up to 1 min. After the first 3 flights and with the clearance gained by the engine, it has started to fly up to 2 and 1/2 minutes. Longest flight I got was 2 minutes 41 seconds. I've ordered new batteries to see if there is any improvement in the flight time.
Nice flyer that wants to do circles all the time but VERY LITTLE flight time.
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
Nice tiny model in a safe storage box, which can be easily hnadled everywhere. But this is not a model for beginners, because the speed is too high and it's very responsive. In addition to this, I've had several crashes because the stabilization did not work anymore. So no recommendation from myside for the product !
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
What a clever bit of tech this plane is, Im an experienced flyer and I thought I had seen everything but this little beauty is astonishing. Various modes from complete beginner right up to expert. I love this little fella and I can highly recommend it for anyone to leave in the boot of the car and have a ton of fun with it wherever you go - superb!
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verified_user Quality
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I bought the same version, different color from BG. The same model bought here, was a few dollars U.S. less, but with Free shipping was a nice deal. A good quality plane,
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  • Micro F22 Jet Fighter w/Auto Takeoff and Stability Control RTF

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