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BSR Racing BZ-444 Pro 1/10 4WD Racing Buggy 10.5T (ARR)

BSR Racing BZ-444 Pro 1/10 4WD Racing Buggy 10.5T (ARR)


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So you've been hanging out at the local rc track with your buddies, throwing round an old 4WD racer you bought second hand off one of the local regulars and you're struggling to keep up with the pack now. You know you need to get something decent to compete with the others and parts that won't break easily when you misjudge the triple, and you don't want to hand over a ton of're ready for the BZ-444 Pro.

The BZ-444 Pro is the latest competition ready chassis from BSR racing. Designed and manufactured by Team C Racing with a huge range of option parts such as front and rear metal gear diffs, anodised aluminium motor mount with integrated heatsink, aluminium hinge pin holders font and back, and the absolutely superb Team C aluminium shocks already included. And it's available as either a build it yourself kit, a 17.5 Stock Class almost ready to run or 10.5T Open Class almost ready to run. 

This is an incredibly well balanced buggy and with all the upgrade and option parts available it will suit racers from novices right through to seasoned mod drivers. It can easily be tuned to a variety of track surfaces so it's ideal for racers who visit tracks with diverse surfaces. It is also incredibly simple to work on with only only a few screws needing removal for access to most of the commonly serviced items.

This verssion of the BZ-444 Pro comes with a TrackStar 10.5T motor and TrackStar 80a Turbo ESC so it can be used straight out of the box to race in Open 4WD or Mod 4WD classes at most tracks around the world..

So if you're ready to take the next leap in a 4WD buggy get yourself a BZ-444 Pro.

• Almost Ready to Run - Just install your own radio system and battery
• Coming with ROAR approved electric
• Adjustable camber, caster and shock mounting positions
• Saddle pack battery layout chassis for the best weight distribution
• Shaft driven 4WD system
• Adjustable slipper clutch
• Metal gear front/rear differential
• Fine turned Aluminum shocks
• Tons of Aluminum upgrade parts are already included
• Pre-glued super soft compound tires with dish wheel
• Trimmed clear body shell w/decal sheet and masking tape included
• Pre-installed motor, ESC, and steering servo
Full spare and option parts list support

Length: 410mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 140mm
Wheelbase: 285mm
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.5:1
Hex Hub Size: 14mm
Battery Tray Dimensions: 68.2x46.9x25mm x 2 (Saddle pack battery size)
Motor: TrackStar 10.5T sensored brushless motor (ROAR approved)
ESC: Trackstar 80A Turbo Sensored brushless ESC (ROAR approved)

1 x 5000~6000mAh 2S 7.4V Saddle Lipo Pack
1 x Lipoly battery charger
1 x 3 Ch radio system (TX & RX)
4 x AA batteries for Transmitter
Assorted tools like soldering iron and battery cell checker
Paint for body shell


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Fantastic piece of kit, I have had a ton of cars, mainly 1/8 scale nitro including Losi, HPI, Tamya, Kyosho and XTM, I have to say this car far exceeds any of its stable mates in terms of quality and setup out of the box. It is a very well balanced car for a 4wd, easy to control through the corners and in the air. Unless you are a seasoned high level racing driver that knows exactly what suits their driving style this car will make you a better driver.
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I purchased this during the cyber sale, it has been on the track for practice only. My initial impressions are high for this buggy and I will update later if my mind changes. Few minor inconveniences on unboxing, the front shocks were full of air, loose motor mount chassis side, spur adjustment was marginal at best, the servo horn for steering was installed a 1\4 turn from center, and few loose screws. I bought the 10.5 and feel it is significantly under powered and over geared, it comes with a 21T pinion (24 is a better choice). The pro's tires are actually decent, and I dont feel they need replacing right away for a decently groomed indoor clay. The steering servo is amazing decently quick and centers well. Fit and finish is nice, the anodizing on the aluminum is vibrant, and evenly applied. I wont get into shock oil and spring dampening since this is subjective to your surface, but chances are you will have to tune to your needs. Bottom line, the thing that holds this buggy back is parts support, most of the common items are back order and buying the Team C equivalent from the EU is terribly expensive since I am in the states. I bought it on sale for 140 USD and at that price I feel it was a decent deal, but if buying a full retail I would double think the purchase.
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