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Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm

Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopte...

The Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter is a stylish and high quality quad frame perfect for aerial videography or for just flying around at your favorite local flying site.

This frame is constructed of beautifully finished genuine c...

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The Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter is a stylish and high quality quad frame perfect for aerial videography or for just flying around at your favorite local flying site.

This frame is constructed of beautifully finished genuine carbon fiber, the quality is top notch. It features folding arms and folding landing skids which makes it easy to transport and store. The removable dome top gives this quad personality and makes for a great way to hide your electronics giving it a very clean and tidy look.

The landing skids on the Bumblebee are quite tall which gives plenty of ground clearance for mounting a camera underneath with the optional camera mount (sold separately). This is the ideal platform for shooting awesome aerial video!

This frame comes with 4 x 35mm brushless outrunner motors in the box taking the guesswork out of choosing your power system. It even includes propellers. Simply add your own ESCs, multi-rotor control board, radio system and batteries to get the Bumblebee in the air!

• High quality genuine carbon fiber construction.
• Removable dome top.
• Foldable arms and landing skids.
• 4 x 35mm brushless motors included.
• Tall landing skids for under-frame camera mounting.

Width: 550mm
Height: 306mm (w/dome and landing skids installed)
Ground Clearance: 193mm
Weight: 950g (w/out battery)

1 x Hobbyking multi-rotor control board
4 x 20~30A ESC
3S 2200~3300mAh LiPoly battery
4CH transmitter and receiver


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I am happy with this product but what I feel sorry to say most of the motors came with scratches on !!!!! and one of them was not in a good shape, it seems like its been hit with a somthin on its buttom or been fallen on a hard surface, I ll contact hobbyking for this issue, but in general I like the product
Sehr gute Qualitt, einfacher,schneller Zusammenbau,Preis/Leistung 1A,
Hobby-King ist in jeder Hinsicht, nicht nur im Angebot sondern auch in
Schnelligkeit, Service und Angebot durch keine andere Internet- Firma zu
Bernd.G. Germany - Leipzig
This is a long term FPV project for me as i'm learning a whole new game. The frame is nice but needed stiffening up with extra nuts and bolts on the arms. The landing gear carbon strips are easily broken so have been replaced with 6mm alloy tubes which bend rather than snap. I have a multiwii 2.2 with GPS installed with a tonne of FPV gear which weighs it down a bit, but the stock motors/props seem to handle it ok. With the extra weight i'd recommend a minimal of a 3s 3000mah lipo (or a pair of 2200's) to give that extra bit of flight time. Planing to replace the stock motors soon so i have have a wider range of options regarding props which is quite annoying as the stock motors are ok! It definitely has the right name as it buzz's like an angry bumblebee in a mission! lol!!

I got this kit from HobbyKing about a few weeks ago and its a very nice quadcopter and my very first quad copter too, I have flewn single helis before in the reality. This model is an ARF-kit which means that the motor arms etc is already mounted from the factory so you dont need to build everything from the ground.

This model is also the "C" version of bumblebee 550 mm, theres an "S" version too but the only difference between them is the landing gear on the "S" version all other things are the same. I am on my way to build this quadcopter now but unfortunately it will take a long time to mount all the electronics before I can take it in the air.
Pricey, but I love the way it looks in the air. Not aerobatic, but a sweet flyer suitable for reasonable camera work. A light gimbal and a GoPro would be no problem. This ship weights 1248 grams with a Quanum QFX aboard . . . add another 250 gr or so for the battery. It took a some effort to balance the motors, but they're smooth and reliable after 50 flights. Parts are well made and fit is very good. Some plastic bits may be a bit fragile, but I haven't broken any yet. The motors only draw about 5 or 6 amps in hover, so 20 amp esc's are certainly adequate. A 3,000 mah battery gives 8 or 9 minute flights. For me, the only downside was the price. I would have called it a 5 crown value at $125.
Very good kit for the price!After mounting gimbal,fpv,ipad ground-station and a pair of 2200mha 3s batteries ,the take off weight is 1950g(250g more than the maximum recomended)and it is still flying nice and stable for 8-9 min!This was the best quad kit I purchased from HobbyKing!
Great kit! I ditched the motors for some sunnysky 2216 650kv motors because I'm running on a 4s. I attached my own gimble w/ GoPro hero 2 and using the APM 2.6 autopilot as a gimble controller. The copter lacks a bit in recovery power but probably due to using 10X4.5 blades on the lower kv motors. I plan on upgrading to 11x4.7 apc blades in the future, but for now the copters performance is more than acceptable. I'm using mystery 20amp ESCs because they fit perfectly in the ESC holders. At hover i'm drawing about 18-20 amps from all 4 motors so these ESCs are perfect. This copter APM makes for a great autonomous camera platform and even a pretty fun FPV ship while in in the APM "loiter" mode. I wouldn't recommend this copter if you intend on having a fast flying acrobatic machine, however.
Ditto on what is said about ease of build. I use the mystery 20esc, flashed with simonk, they fit in the mounting area. Naza with GPS, Turnigy 9XR with Frsky DJT module, Frsky D8R plus with telemetry for RSSI and monitoring btry and esc voltage. Very stable and has survived my many bad landings.
One of the the best quadrocopters I ever had.

I also used the KK2 by drilling 4 holes and use SimonK flashed 20A Blue Series ESC.

With the available camera gimbal it is a perfect solution for making photos and movies.
Voces no fazem ideia do quanto gostaria de ajuda-los neste momento, mais infelizmente ainda no recebi o produto....
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