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Hobbyking Micro Quadcopter Drone

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Hobbyking Micro Quadcopter Drone

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This little quad is just way too much fun.

You're going to love the very cool carbon fiber look but you will be amazed at the flight performance possible for a drone this size.

With built-in guards around its tiny propellers, this little guy is perfect for buzzing around the house or backyard. It even comes with a USB battery charger so you can plug into your work desktop, so you can even make lunchtime at the office a lot more fun now too!

And it is a great little flyer! With flight stability handled by a six-axis gyro controlling this model is easy.  It can even perform flips at the press of a button. 

The mode 2 transmitter is almost as small as the model and yet it is a full function 4 channel system with trim switches for pitch and roll axis and with three rate settings.  Anyone can learn to fly this little guy.

If you want a real fun little drone then the Hobbyking Micro Quadcopter is what you need.

• 6-Axis Gyro stabilisation
• 3 Rate settings
• Can perform flips 
• Built-in propeller guards
• Carbon fiber look finish

Size: 68mm
Weight with battery: 21.2g
Battery: 150mAh 1S 3.7V Lipo
Flight Time: 4 - 6 minutes
Transmitter: Mode 2

Micro Quadcopter
Remote Control
USB charger
Spare Propellers


  • Capacity (mAh) 150.00
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extraextra | Verified Buyer

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Great little indoor drone. Battery issues.

Mar 18, 2018

Great flyer for the money. The batteries seem to burn out too soon. Checked the USB charger and it had put 4.49V into them and puffed. Should only be 4.2V.

Jonathan | Verified Buyer

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Great little drone.

Feb 06, 2017

I bought this for my wife and she absolutely loves it. The batteries are Min-Losi connectors and I've already picked up a set of 4 more so she can get more stick-time. The batteries will discharge in about 5 minutes, so be careful breaking them in as I can see potential for overheating and damaging new LiPos that hadn't been broken in yet. So take it slow and gentle for the first few discharges. There are 3 controller settings, all three are pitch hold just with varying angles of max-pitch, so it grows to an extent with the pilot. As my wife is new to flying we've left it on setting 1 and it's been a blast. It has great crash resilience and great ground-effect characteristics, so new fliers can give it about 50% throttle, the drone will lift a few inches off the ground, and the new pilot can fly while only focusing on pitch and roll. Overall, great product and I'm about to buy a second for my friend's birthday.

Raymond | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 25, 2016

this thing is seriously awesome. none of the rates give as quick response as the race drones but for fun around the house you can not beat this little thing. while i agree with others that i haven't broken a propeller; I have broken the body ... a couple times now. While tape holds the thing together it makes this little guy buzzy.

you won't regret this purchase

ArielJT | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Mar 07, 2016

The most durable drone out there!
Bought for my dad - who never flew anything and doesn't see very well, and he's having a blast! It does loop trick in all directions beautifully and balances great.
The LEDs are very bright and easy to see, the prop guards are a godsend. Even when he crashes it inverted they're safe.
It has some punch to it, it can fly with mild winds outside.
Battery lasts long enough and the build quality of the remote is good.

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