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VQ Models Cessna 188 "Agwagon" (ARF) Balsa & Ply Airplane for Electric or I.C. 1920mm (75.5")

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VQ Models Cessna 188 "Agwagon" (ARF) Balsa & Ply Airplane for Electric or I.C. 1920mm (75.5")


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The VQ Models Cessna 188 "Agwagon" from HobbyKing is a highly detailed, impressive-looking model of this popular full-size workhorse. Due to its large wing area, working flaps, and light wing loading it has a very impressive flight performance, it also has options for gas, glow, and electric power. This ARF model has a lightweight balsa and lite-ply jig built fuselage and wings, pre-hinged control surfaces, fiberglass cowl with detailed panel lines, and a huge internal space for electronics, and even possibly a flour hopper! Also included is a detailed cockpit with hand-painted pilot, spinner, servo mounts, vibrant decals, printed scale detail, and a complete hardware pack including mount and fuel tank for the glow/gas versions.

For easy transportation and assembly, the Cessna 188 has a two-piece wing with an aluminum wing joiner allowing this impressive-sized model to be transported in the smaller hatchback cars. Another feature is a large battery hatch to facilitate easy battery pack changes between flights if you are electrifying the Cessna 188.

The Cessna 188 was a light agricultural aircraft produced between 1966 and 1983 by the Cessna Aircraft Company. The initial design of the Cessna 188 was so successful that over its 17-year production run the basic airframe remained unchanged. The main use for the Cessna 188 series was for agricultural purposes, ie, crop-dusting, but many examples were later acquired for use as sailplane and glider tugs.

So, if you are looking for a large, civilian balsa ARF scale model with impeccable flying characteristics and flight performance then the VQ Models Cessna 188 "Agwagon" is for you. The large internal space makes it possible to build in a flour hopper and dump valve system for some scale crop-dusting or fit a slightly more powerful motor to make it an ideal sailplane/glider tug or banner towing aircraft for your local model flying club when you have displays, (see related items for a glider/banner release hook).

• Impressive size and flight performance
• Jig-built lite ply/balsa fuselage and wings
• Two-piece wing for easy transport and assembly
• Mounting options for gas, glow, or electric
• Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
• Detailed cockpit with hand-painted pilot
• Fiberglass cowl with detailed panel lines

Type: VQ Models Cessna 188 "Agwagon" (ARF) Balsa & Ply Airplane for Electric or I.C.
Wingspan: 1920mm (75.5")
Length: 1300mm (51")
Ready to Fly Weight (Excluding fuel/battery) : 3.5~3.7kg (7.72~8.1lbs}, will vary with set-up
Engine: Glow .60 (2-Stroke) /.90 (4 Stroke), Gas 9-15cc (2 stroke) or electric equivalent
Radio: 6 channels with 7 or 8 servos
Electric Motor: Motors with a KV of 300~400 (Turnigy G90-325KV or NTM 5060 380KV recommended)
ESC: 60~80A or above
Battery: 6S 5000mAh or above LiPo or LiHV

Some suggested power set-ups:

Each set-up uses a 6S 5000mAh LiPo pack and an 80A ESC.

Turnigy G90-325KV with 18x8 2 blade: 958W, 46A, static thrust 4860g, 11mins mixed flight time.
Turnigy SK3 5055-320KV with 17x10 2 blade: 1048W, 49A, static thrust 4990g, 10.5mins mixed flight time.
Turnigy SK3 5065-320KV with 17x10 2 blade: 1124W, 53A, static thrust 5301g, 10.2mins mixed flight.
Turnigy SK3 5055-380KV with 17x6 2 blade: 949W, 42A, static thrust 3710g, 10.5mins mixed flight time.
NTM PropDrive 5060-380KV with 17x8 2 blade: 1412W, 65A, static thrust 5658g, 8.5mins mixed flight time.

Required (not supplied) Electric version:
6ch or more transmitter and receiver
6 Std size servos (metal gear recommended)
60~80A or more electronic speed controller with BEC or separate BEC unit
G90-325KV, NTM 5060-380KV, or similar brushless outrunner motor
6S 5000mAh or above LiPo or LiHV battery pack
Suitable propeller
Extension leads
5 & 30min epoxy, CA glue, silicone sealer
Tools (as listed in the assembly manual)

Required (not supplied) I.C.version:
6ch or more transmitter and receiver
7 Std size servos (metal gear recommended for flying surfaces)
.60 2 stroke nitro/gas motor or .90 4 stroke nitro motor
Suitable propeller
Fuel pipe to suit fuel being used
Extension leads
Receiver battery and on/off switch
5 & 30min epoxy, CA glue, silicone sealer
Tools (as listed in the assembly manual)

Please note: A set of assembly instructions with step-by-step illustrations are available to download under the "Files" tab above.

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 50.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 1920.00
  • Length(mm) 1300.00
  • Official HobbyKing Review of the VQ Models Cessna 188 "Agwagon"
  • Agwagon Flight review Stuart Warne RC
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